Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bali Moment of Truth

I'm sitting here in the suite of the Melai Benoa hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali. The door to the balcony is open and the the chortling waterfall outside is a calming balm to both my mentally drained body and mind. It's been a mad 6 months. I've been running myself ragged across the region trying to put together some sort of a semblance of a plan that would merge the very conflicting interests of both the big bosses together.

Guess I ran out of time. Both of them have decided to go their seperate ways leaving me and my team without jobs in two months. One has told he its about time I did my own thing and said he'll help me.

I've offers from many to invest in whatever i want to do.

Now is the key. As the waves are gentle in the low tide at the beach just 100 meters away, the the sound of the slightly snoring air conditioner breaks the melody of the waerfall outside, i need to make my call.

Go all out and fulfill every dream project that has been restlessly murmurring, prodding, pushing, campaigning in my head to see themselves brought to life or play it safe and stay on the path of corporate security. I am good enough to get myself security, but these dreams just dont want to give me a break. That bar by the beach, that bread and breakfast that overlooks the ocean, the and this sporting events, that online PC game, that super hero project, that regional anti crime program to get kids off the streets, that t-shirt project, they just cant give me a break.

I meet a good solid friend tommorrow. I'll need his help. some advice and some logistical and resources. It wll dictate my decision on where i go from here. Corporate life gives me the challenges that i thrive on, but my soul yearns for these things that take me out there. i've been collecting a band of buddies, like minded who some will join me, some will invest, some like what i have but have their own dreams bt will help. Call them my own Avengers. I've the perfect combo now - good people, good friends, decent resources, i just need 100% commitments now. Solid action so the Avengers of Chindi can assemble for real and make those unformed dreams a reality.

oh wait.. did i mention that book that has been asking to be published for the past 30 years?

demmit, another one to the list...


ah lim said...

go go power rangers!

Chindiana said...

Avengers la woi! glam sedikit laaaa..