Monday, January 14, 2013

PoW - Blowfish Jakarta

The DJ consul at the Blowfish club in the heart of Jakarta. Picture taken while i was still sober..

Jakarta is a more metropolitan and sexier city than most Malaysians would like to believe. With preset notions of Indonesia as just a supplier of maids and construction workers many look down on the fastest growing economy in the region.

The women are the sexiest in the region, they have some of the youngest and most dynamic businessmen who are going beyond their borders, the most natural resrouces (besides Myanmar), some of the best spicy food around and also some of the best unexplored tourism sites in the the region as well.

Did I mention they have the sexiest women in the region?


ah lim said...

Looks like a cult worship hehe

Chindiana said...

haha not if you saw the wimmen on the dance floor dude ;)