Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ho Chi Minh City. dateline - today. now

You know its going to be interesting when the hotel you've been booked into by your client has a sign outside saying '80,000 Dong Introductionary Price for Short Stay'. Thats about USD5 for 4 hours.

Its going to be an interesting coupla days.....

You know its going to be fun when the front office doesnt speak a word of English and the nice Vietnamese guy who has to act as a translator so happens to be taking advantage of the Special 80K Dong offer (with his lady friend). It gets awkward as we then end up talking about Malaysian football while the young woman stands uncomfortably waiting to be lead to the room.

Fuck me - the old lady who took my shirts to iron seems to be missing from the hotel. (they dont have irons in their rooms nor do they loan them out)

Vietnamese coffee is lazer sharp bitter and strong. Well worth the zap for early morning meetings.

Oh i'm feigning ignorance as the hotel doesnt accept credit cards and have refused to surrender my passport. I might be out on my ass in a coupla hours.

Anyone knows another decent hotel in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. Its OK i'm willing to pay more than 80,000 Dong...

Monday, January 14, 2013

PoW - Blowfish Jakarta

The DJ consul at the Blowfish club in the heart of Jakarta. Picture taken while i was still sober..

Jakarta is a more metropolitan and sexier city than most Malaysians would like to believe. With preset notions of Indonesia as just a supplier of maids and construction workers many look down on the fastest growing economy in the region.

The women are the sexiest in the region, they have some of the youngest and most dynamic businessmen who are going beyond their borders, the most natural resrouces (besides Myanmar), some of the best spicy food around and also some of the best unexplored tourism sites in the the region as well.

Did I mention they have the sexiest women in the region?

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Resolution of Sorts...

A few days ago i ordered meehoon soup noodles. Its the simplest noodle dish you can get. OK so it was from a mamak shop more know for overfrying everything in second hand oil.

What came to me was noodles soaked in a greenish murky liquid. that tasted of dishwater.

yes i took a sip...

i passed on it and ordered some chicken which seemed to have been grilled zombie penis.

I went home made myself hot Milo, munched on some crachers and turned on wrestling while feeling sorry for myself.

So this resolution of mine?

To eat food prepared with pride and care.

Simple enough but it's going to cover:

1. Banning myself from these oasis of oil that are mamak stalls

2. NOT entering any fancy motherlover outlets that triple charge you for street food, hire Myanmarese workers who dont speak English with food that tastes like some cardboard clone straight out from Willy Wonka's armpit.

3. Now the tough part - i will have to learn how to cook. Which means i have to exced my culinary tour de force of boiled egg and instant noodles...

4. Admit that i am now an old dog and i have the stomach of an old mutt - no acidic mood, foods that cause gas, curries or oily stuff. and booze.

5. Which means this is where i give up my day job and move into a monastery in Nepal and live on snowflake porridge...