Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rest in Peace Bani....

Bani bemusedly navigating the thick brush as Tasik Bera on our only assignment together

Rabani Ayub, photojournalist extrodinaire passed on early yesterday morning. The details are sketchy but it seems he fell while on an assignment in Sukau.

I wish I had more of you reading this blog. I wish i wasnt lazy over the past year that i lost many readers. Because it was crucial that i spread out as far as wide as i can the loss was suffered by the world. Dramatic as it might sound but sometimes you look beyond the horn blowing of the mass media, the self pleasing rhetoric on social media and you reach out and find the good in all of us residing in a simple humble man, who with his trusted equipment conjured up stunning images of his beloved Sabah. From the mountains to the oceans Bani's pure passion for visual storytelling and even more profound a burning journalistic passion to document in detail every aspects of his subjects elevated him above many so called 'professionals'.

Add on Bani's passion to share his works and to help and educate as many budding photographers selflessly has made him more than a mentor to many.

I spent 3 days with Bani working on an assignment in Tasik Bera. We shared many thoughts together. He told me every year he would take on a group of photographers who he mentored so he could help create new generations of photographers who appreaciated the artform and more importantly the very subjects they captured. Be it the magnificient vistas of Kinabalu mountain or a simple humming bird in flight.

I hope you are out there, the Students of Rabani Ayub. I hope you carry on his legacy. I hope you carry on and show that in all of us remains a caring, compassionate man who appreciated the simpler, purer  things in life as that is what Bani saw through the lenses of his cameras.

I guess that second assignment we kept talking about isnt going to happen bro. But i have a feeling the next one i do go on you'll be there with me.

*below is the link to the unedited version of the articly I did with Bani on tasik bera. I believe it was his influence that made this my favourite work. I'd like to share this with you guys HERE


liew701 said...

Lousy me only today got to know the sad news of abang bani.... :'(
Yes, he was such a great man. he will sadly be missed...

Chindiana said...

At least you knew his work Liew so that allows you to share in the spirit of Bani and his works.