Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Textures and Faces of Bako

A golden sunsets over the South China Sea illuminating the beach as dusk washes in with the ebbing evening tides.

The Bako National Park allowed me the chance to appreciate the wonders of the natural textures of mother nature. I thought i'd just share some of the images that i had caught on camera.

The dramatic sandstone rocks that ring the coast of the park

A placid stream at the park
Clouds over the Santubong mountain across the bay

A canvas of rock at Teluk Assam

Muddy freshwater streams running into the ocean as the heavy rains swell the jungle streams at Teluk Limau
Sandstone rock formations at Teluk Limau
A spectacular red colored rock formation at the Teluk Limau beach
Rocks on the Teluk Limau beach

The layering of rock and plantlife at Teluk Limau

 THE FACES OF BAKO (Can you spot them?)

A hungry fish at Teluk Assam
A sly crocodile waits patiently at Teluk Assam near the Park headquarters

A friendly St Bernard at Teluk Limau
An aborogine looking dude at Teluk Limau
A rock sprite at Teluk Limau
and of course... The Sphinx of Bako... That is IF the Sphinx was a buck toothed looking chipmunk..


Ashley Liew said...

I can see the faces except ze hungry fish

langkau said...

wow. so many photos! i didn't have the energy to even lift my camera.

talked to Nick the other day telling him i want to do the walk again. he said i'm crazy bla bla bla...but anyway, i suggested to him that he should take some friends by boat to Telok Limau. i will - with other people, of course - make that walk and by the time i'm in Telok Limau i expect Nick and friends to get the things ready (e.g. cold beers, whiskey) at the campsite. interested? ;)

Chindiana said...

Ash! ada la - side profile, the feller got his mouth open :)

Langkau! I am cool for it. I will be on the boat with Nick! When is it? Who are the other vic.. erm... people who are going to follow you on that trail?

Ashley Liew said...
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Ashley Liew said...

Looks more like a pup with a cute nose ;)

Chindiana said...

um.... OK lah. i give way to gender specific visual sensitivities . :D

Chindiana said...

um.... OK lah. i give way to gender specific visual sensitivities . :D