Friday, October 5, 2012

Preview to the Agung Post

I'm sit here typing this little preview by the pool in the Kuta Beach Club here in Bali. The wind is cool and the clear skies promise a spectacular sunset.

The massage has eased up the bad pain in my lower back, the thighs and calves. Surprisingly my knees that seemed to have hurt the most are holding up well.

This was a trip of many firsts:

1.     First time I’m climbing with shit from a foreign source on my hands
2.     First time I put a guide to sleep by my pathetically slow pace (actually he dozed off at least 3 times.
3.     First time I ‘m hiking more than half way with torn pants
4.     The first time I forget my toilet paper and REALLY NEED it.
5.     The first time that I have felt the weakest climbing up a mountain. Yes even harder than Kilimanjaro.
6.     The first time I missed a sunrise (no big deal actually but more on that later)

My sorry state of fitness is deplorable.  I was officially the slowest one up the mountain. I haven’t felt so weak in all my life.  I have to say this was official the most brutal climb I’ve gone through which I don’t understand as its not the highest or the most technical.

Excuse me while i ponder if I need another massage. Maybe something with that exfoliating action.

Update with pictures by Sunday!

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