Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Preview - The Teluk Assam to Teluk Limau Trek

Sunset seen from Teluk Assam beach where the Bako National Park HQ is located.
Seen also is the mythical mountain of Santubong

Well, well, well... lookee what we have here. Me. Here on  Monday in Jakarta giving you a sneak peek into my little weekend jaunt with Langkau. HERE. ME. FEELING NOT TO BAD. I got back to KL late last night and had a couple of hours of sleep before catching the 7am flight to Jakarta this morning. I'm surprisingly OK although my back is stiff and it hurts trying anything more strenuous than a gentle fart.

Was it tough? Yes. But importantly i took the boat from the Teluk Limau beach wondering why Langkau makes me go through the craziest terrain in some of the toughest situations just to introduce me to some of the most beautiful locations in Malaysia.

I should get a post up in a coupla days after i get back to Kuala Lumpur.

But for the time being, just imagine you're there with me on that golden beach with a cold beer in your hand :)

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