Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Off Up That Mountain We Go. Again...

Agus descends painfully from our aborted Agung attempt.
Tomorrow i leave for the island of Bali to scale the Agung volcano. As some of you guys know this was the mountain that I had to back track down when my buddy Agus got hurt a bit going up. That and i think we pissed off the Gods of Bali by attempting to scale this sacred mountain after a 2 day drinking binge.

Oh and as usual i will be carrying my normal injury - a weak back and for some reason i managed to twist my knee WHILE FUCKING SLEEPING. All i know is i woke up last Thursday with my knee behaving like some old piece of creaking furniture and a sharp pain.

It's eased up a bit but let's see how it goes in approximately 32 hours from now when i start my ascend up Agung.

For now IF you guys are really bored you can check out the last attempt up Agung HERE.


langkau said...

whoa. you start your training for telok limau trip already ka? die lah me like that.

Chindiana said...

haha bro I just got down the mountain. I am hurting is all kinds of places. I tell you something is wrong man. my body is weak like fuck. Old ladies were overtaking me on the mountain! how la like dat? Teluk Limau you'll have to carry me man!

langkau said...

The old ladies probably had 40 years of training and climbing experience, otherwise why they made the climb at all?

Ok, I'll carry you AND your bag to Teluk Limau, only after I grow big and muscular, and turn green.

Chindiana said...

hahaha its ok la.. I'll just go find my Mjolnir hammer and fly to the beach!

U tukar hulk and smash the whishkey bottle how?