Monday, October 1, 2012

Kinabalu Revisited

Sabah stretches out before you as you descend from Laban Rata
A whole bunch of friends have been making the climb up Kinabalu mountain in Sabah. Its a very special kinda feeling scaling up this granite giant and the vistas that will greet you from the top are breath taking.

I last went a while back before Sutera Harbour took over the management of Sabah Parks which has resulted in at least 300% increase in fees to climb this UNESCO heritage site. Which means the cheap ass that i am, I'll be spending that money on other little treks around the South East Asian region.

Go HERE for my climb up the mountain, with a then fitness level of a geriatric Teletubby. (which is not far off from where my fitness is now).

Have a good Monday morning folks!


langkau said...

beautiful but i'm not climbing up this mountain again. or any other mountains for that matter. or anything that is over 500m high.

Chindiana said...

hahaha i know la you're a jungle kinda guy Langkau. Eh i didnt hear your account on KK la. except that you didnt enjoy it. Must update when we meet next!

langkau said...

KK was okay because I enjoyed the Mesilau trail very much. but I didn't find climbing up the rock at 2am, with a headache, ice cold wind, and lack of oxygen very appealing.

Chindiana said...

looks like you kena altitude sickness a bit. thats why my slow tortoise pace helps me in some ways!

Pity also its so expensive to climb kinabalu these days. At least i did it when it was cheaper!