Friday, October 19, 2012

Interesting Milestone

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So of course its not even a rain drop in the ocean but when i started this blog 5 years ago I had no idea i would be writing so long let alone even have anyone reading it. I had started CT just to get into the groove of writing as i had taken on some free lance writing to supplement my income in tough times. I also used it as a reference point for editors to check out my drafts or pictures.

Along the way i've made friends and we've bonded, shared, wondered and grown (in age and belly width) over the last 5 years.

It was simpler times then and it seemed we all had such enthusiasm and hoped to make a difference in the world. Many of you guys have given up blogging or update infrequently.

I've lost readers but we still catch up for beers. I guess i too have not found the joy in writing over the past year or so. I've gained new readers and more importantly some who've i've become friends with.

I've just rediscovered the need to write again. Writing means pushing myself to grow. Think out of my daily mundane 9-5s and letting my mind wander again, dream, wish and maybe to explore new possibilities. It pushes me to take things outside, into the sunlight, to that mountain, bathe in that stream, drink that beer in that far flung land by glittering ocean of diamonds.

Here's a roll call to all of you guys, weather you're still here or not but more so to the folks that have shared with my experiences, who've made me laugh, grin and to sometimes to be a better man.

I'm writing this now from a small cafe here in KL while the office Internet is down. Its off the cuff so i may leave some out. I wont hve time to leave links to blogs and will try to do it at some later point.

Here goes:

The one who got me started - I owe this to the gorgeous Farra Siva who introduced me to blogging. Got me started and who encouraged me on the therapeutic nature of just putting your personal thoughts on a public forum.

The Firsts - Here's a shout out to Nex, Han Solo/Anis/The Five Foot Traveller and Ah Lim who have been here from the begining and who still drop by occasionally to read my rubbish.

The Early Fun days - When i had those stupid contests, when we were stalked by that creepy Amway guy, the geek debates, the angry exchanges over my opinion on women etc - here's a Yo Joe! to S'wak Props, Jun-E, Ghoul, the Sailor Commando, Winnie the Pooh, Peekz, Lady J, V and the Bai.

The readers who became buddies - who woulda thunk it that faceless readers who never left comments would end up becoming drinking buddies???  Here's a "thani darrr' to Langkau, Acid Milk and J.

The International connection - CT takes the globe by storm! Ssssuuupppp to Sam Wak from Great Britain, Kelabit photographer/doctor/singer (am not sure if he still drops by) and of course Sir Carlos The Tired One from Austin Texas who makes me wish i could write as poetically as him. Hidekram from Singapore used to drop by but i think my occasional Singapore bashing must have turned him off.

The Stealth Readers - the quiet ones who kept track of my rants - the Gatorade Queen, Stella Q, The Sister of Chindi, The Ex of Chindi, Cynthia Suet Mun, Irene,  (please give me a holler if you guys are out there that i havent named.

The Newbies - Bella Butternuts, Plain Jane, LCB,Ashley, Ah Chongzz Josie the Pussycat and the Princess. Sssuuup!

The FON - yeah well.... -_-

Special Mention - Richard Augustine the editor whose supported me the most in all my lazy career as a freelance writer and Fishvian the editor at Going Places whose pushed me to be a more disciplined writer (and who censors all my secretly placed Star Wars references in my articles)

It's been a blast guys. I'm glad we meet here in CT and sometimes outside for those drinks. This blog has kept me company in many moments of solitude - those quite hotel rooms as cars and bikes sing below me on the streets, in those bustling airport lounges, on that beach in Bali (where i'd draft the posts) and your thoughts and opinions and even your quiet acknowledgements has made this a fun and rewarding part of my life.

Enough of this emo nonsense. See you in a coupla days yo! Have a great weekend ahead folks.

PS - IRONICALLY this post is registers as my 1,000th post :)


The FON said...

Ah, The FON has a mention. He is pleased. Cheers to the next 1000, let's get nakid and drink beer then.

Chindiana said...

WTF.... Why does everything have to be naked in FONland????

langkau said...

Your average views per day is even more than mine in one month. hahahaha...Acid Milk once said you're the update queen! :)

Chindiana said...

Langkau! wth??????? UPDATE QUEEN??????????? fuk me thats a first!

ah lim said...

Hooot Hoooot!!!

Cynthia said...

got party to celebrate not?

Chindiana said...

haha Thanks Ah Lim!

Cynthia! mana ada party??? malu only. You get that kinda of hits in 6 months!

Its just a persoanl yardstick for me only laa. But i wont say no if you're organising! can bincang projects.

Hamster'sNuts said...

i think Bella Butternuts died

Chindiana said...

um.... okei. Thats sad. Well i'll take her in any incarnation then Hamster'sNUTS.

glad to have you back bro!

CreativeBitchin said...

=P yes i admit i lurk here quietly most of the time... :D

Chindiana said...

CB! next time i head to city of cats we should catch up again with Acid and Langkau for drinkssss

Ashley Liew said...

awwww... could've bought you some hot chinese apek coffee if we were still cubicle neighbours.

Chindiana said...

haha you never know when you might be back this way Ashley ! i know you miss that ah pek coffee

CreativeBitchin said...

yes we should catch up over drinks! although i think i'll pass if langkau starts making people do shots of his namesake =P