Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Mad Venture

So i take an early flight tomorrow to Sarawak. Langkau had convinced me earlier this month to join him in the Bako National park trail that would cover about 8km in hard jungle terrain to the Teluk Limau Beach.

As usual he's trying to play it down but so far every Kelabit hardcore mother lover who're seasoned woodsmen like Stephen Baya have only one thing to say - "are you MAD?"

i have no fitness and i am carrying many old injuries in my knees and back. I'll have to lug at least 4.5 litres of water, a tent, food, torch , raincoat, sleeping bag and a huge sack of good luck and frenetic prayers to grant us good weather. My pack is probaly going to weigh at least 10kgs. At least.

I have no idea why i do these things....

Everyone whose ever finished this trail has only looked at me with pity.

The plan is to head to Bako National Park tomorrow and spend the night there before heading out on Saturday morning for the estimated 10 hour hike to Teluk Limau beach. We will then spend the night on the beach where we have hired a fishing boat to pick us up on Sunday morning.

ALTHOUGH something has just come up. Its seems the lodges at the park are full tomorrow and Langkau has suggested we start walking tomorrow (friday) and camp over night in the jungle and then continue on Saturday. It means we break up the journey in two parts.  This could be interesting.

Langkau has said the the camp site is nice and pleasant.

We know his definitions of these words in normal English is " oooooh fuck".

So we will see how things turn out over this long holiday weekend here.


CreativeBitchin said...

you're popping by my neck of the woods again! that 10 hour hikes sounds like some adventure. crazy... but dudeeeeeeee you got some bragging rights after you do it.

good luck! i'm sure langkau will take VERY good care of you :D

Chindiana said...

CB! i survived! haha! believe it or not Langkau DID take care of me! He even brought along another victim to make sure there were witneses in case i tried to kill him! hahaha!

it was all good la. not bad and Langkau is a good campsite cook too :)

CreativeBitchin said...

hahahaha sounds like you had fun! well at least you know that you're fit enough to survive a trek through some of the oldest rainforests in the world (sounds cool ey)... not bad ah.

Chindiana said...

CB! yeah man. i dont feel so you're geriatric at the moment :D