Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whats Happening in Other parts of our country

Date Monday 25th September. Protest in Lawas, Sarawak over the brutal killing
of a local boy by local trouble makers

Last Friday a young man Edwin Singa Pelipus was killed by about 30 drug addled youths in the small trading town of Lawas in Sarawak. Edwin is a local Lun Bawang while his killers were from the Malay Kampung Belimbing settlement.

I am not going into the racial aspects or the stories over the past few months that complaints of the proliferation of drugs into the town was spreading to other long houses as far as Ba Kalalan or that the representative of Ba Kalalan's complain to the state assembly of Sarawak was laughed at.

Its also not about the chief of police filing a report against a local website of accusing cops of being involved in the drug trade INSTEAD of conducting an investigation.

Its about our news agencies. The pictures above was the protest by the residents of Lawas, Ba Kalalan and the neighboring villages of the inaction of the police to clamp down on crime especially emanating from the Kampung Belimbing village. It was taken yesterday.

There is nothing in today's news portals. I just did a random search on the Star, NST and the Mail.

Maybe this could be a sensitive issue during the run up to the elections. May you dont want to inflame passions because East Malaysians are more civilized when handling protests (the majority of folks there hve no personal agendas nor do they seek trouble).

In any other society the entire village would have raised arms and burnt down Kampung Belimbing especially since the actions of the youth from that village has been going on for quite a while. Instead they staged a protest on the streets where the police turned up to sort things out.

I guess the point that i am trying to say is, its time we stopped believing that our country is a-OK. Its rotten at the root. Look in the papers . Sarawak chief minister is being investigated for amassing USD21 billion dollars but the MACC chief who is looking into it himself says that things are being blown out of proportion. lets try to be impartial dude. Warnings of drug use and smuggling are laughed at at Parliament, land is being stolen under the very noses of indigenous people and logging concessions are controlled by cronies of politicians. And this is just Sarawak. It would be depressing to find out what else goes on in the other 13 states.

As I've mentioned I find the Sabahans and Sarawakians more genuine people then us from the Semenanjung. We're greedy and fake and seek money above all.

There is nothing the politicians FROM BOTH SIDES can do to bring this nation up to its true potential. It actually lies in our hands. How much are we willing to sacrifice to make this happen?

Armed plainclothes cops at the scene 

Go HERE for the picture that appeared online on Friday that showed the body of young Edwin Singa Pelipus  after he was set upon by the mob from Kampung Belimbing

There is supposed to be another protest planned today. Lets hope its kept cool and no outside party turns up to cause trouble. I hope the authorities can behave fairly, impartially and with common sense by the truck load. Its about doing the right thing now.

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