Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Yearly Sabah Excursion

Sunset at Tanjung Aru

 Sabah is peace and chilling with good company, simple food and a slow reaching sinking urge that life can be lived in simplicity. I try to make a trip out here every year. Last week I hit Kota Kinablau with the Girlfriend of Chindiana to meet up with my old buddy Nex for a coupla days.
Ahh... those days of pure joy without a thought for tomorrow...

I have a habit of visiting the same places almost in sequence. Its like a check list of treats that crosses all the boxes to feed my my grumpy soul.

I try to hit Tanjung Aru's Beach 2 for that burger while watching the sunset.  The next morning Nex normall picks me up for a sloe drive to Kinablu Park BUT we have to stop by the little town of Tamparuli for Tuaran noodles. We hit the park for coffee and chilling in the cold air and just overall looking up at Kinabalu mountain.

This is normally followed up with just chilling in town, Going toy shopping at KK Toys near Api-Api, getting some good seafood at a number of places and then watching live bands at Shennenigans.

With the girlfriend in tow this year we added a visit to Manukan island for a brunch outing and a stop by Perdana Park near Tanjung Aru.

The Tamparuli pedestrian suspension bridge above the famous unassuming Tamparuli bridge below
Farms on the Crocker Range.

Crocker Range view on the way down from Kinabalu Park to
Kundasang town for lunch
Kundasang farmlands
Jesselton Jetty - kickoff point to many of the islands

Jesselton Jetty
Pulau Manukan Jetty
A brunch of nasi lemak, coffee and beer and Manukan island. Its best to pack your own food as the frakkers at Sutera  Harbour (the management of the facility) seem to be targetting tourists. Our nasi lemak with a coffee was served at a princely hotel price of RM16. Manukan is great for a day or half day trip to just chill, eat, snooze and snorkel on the beach before heading back to KK to party, or chill, eat cheaper sea food or just get drunk in some coffee shop
Perdana Park, a really professionally run and privately managed park just 5 mintues walk from Tanjung Aru beach. Great for an evening run for you sporty types who can't seem to go on a holiday without packing a heart rate monitor.
Tanjung Aru - the best place to catch a sunset in KK.

The GFoC and your truly outside the Salut Seafood restaurant.
The food was OK but not as fantastic as it's been made out to be. This great pic taken by Nex


ah lim said...

Where was the beach where you had nasi lemak?

Chindiana said...

Ah Lim! it was on Manukan island. Expensive wor - rm16 bucks which they threw in a coffee. BUT i think there is a small staff warong there that you can buy cheaper mee hoon and curry puffs.