Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lawas Update in The Star paper

Lawas MP Henry Sum Agung said "I can confirm that nobody was injured. There were some angry youths who gathered to today in town and tried to vent their anger on each other because a teenage boy died during a fight last week" . Doesnt look like they're pissed at each other YB.

'Angry youths venting against each other' accroding to Henry Sum Agung.
Think the YB needs to get more accurate info from his office...
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A rep handing over the letter to the police chief in Lawas. I dont have much info and dont want to second guess what the contents are
As far as I know the second day of protests was also peaceful where a rep from the community handed over a letter to the head of the police in Lawas.

They had gathered in town and moved to the police station for this. No drama was reported.

Below is what appeared in the Star news paper here in West Malaysia. It appears its from the view point of the police and the politicians. No one got the feedback from the people in Lawas.

And the picture that was painted made it look like a small scuffle between some youths and not about the community's dissatisfaction with the police for not cracking down on the youths from Kampung Belimbing who have been terrorizing the town for quite a while already and which resulted in the first death of a local Lun Bawang last week.

Looking at the picture you already know that the information in the paper is one sided.

Credit should be given to the Lun Bawang and the residents of Lawas, Ba Kalalan and the surrounding communities for their controlled protest. I hope something will be done although it seems unlikely.

Sigh what i'd give for a land ruled by the spirit of Bob Marley and folks ride unicorns to work....

Below is the Star paper's news published online on the 25th of September:

Tuesday September 25, 2012

CP says there was no riot in Lawas; just a bunch of angry people


MIRI: Security in Lawas town was tightened yesterday with street patrols by the police increased substantially, following spates of minor scuffles between several groups of youths.
It is believed that the incident had been triggered by the death of a teenager during a fight last Friday.
Lawas MP Datuk Henry Sum Agung yesterday confirmed that the scuffles did not result in any fatality.
Sum, who was in Kuala Lumpur for the ongoing Dewan Rakyat session, said his office staff in Lawas told him about what happened yesterday morning and afternoon.
“I can confirm that nobody was seriously injured. There were some angry youths who gathered today (yesterday) in the town and tried to vent their anger on each other because a teenage boy died during a fight last week.
“The police deployed more men on the streets. They have the situation under control.
“I have called the district police chief, the Resident, District Officer and community leaders there.
“I asked them about the latest situation. They have given assurance that the police have stepped up patrols in the town and that they have dispersed the youths.
“I want to assure the public that security in the town is under control. The most important thing to do now is to make sure that there are more policemen on duty every day.
“We do not want any situation that can turn into violent confrontations. The community leaders have already held a meeting this afternoon to discuss what happened today (yesterday).
“Tomorrow (today), they will call for another meeting in town and every community leader in the district are expected to attend,” he said.
Sum said the police had already arrested six or seven youths in connection with the Friday case.
He said efforts would be taken to secure the assistance of the community leaders from all the villages to pacify their people and to urge them to exercise restraint.
Sum urged the people to allow the police to investigate what happened on Friday that led to the death of the boy.
He said there was no racial motive for the killing, adding that every community head must try to explain the true situation to their people to help prevent any further misunderstanding.
Sum advised his constituents not to be carried away by emotions, and to leave the case to the police.
On Friday, a 19-year-old youth was killed during a gang fight invol-ving 30 youngsters. Six suspects were arrested and the district police chief DSP Fauzilan Abdul Aziz Madean appealed for calm amidst rumours that friends of the deceased were about to retaliate.
To the Commissioner of Police DCP Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani: “It is not a riot; only a bunch of angry and dissatisfied people who are against the family of the suspect”.
“No act of violence or any untoward incident has been reported. The Lawas OCPD has advised these people to stay calm and they dispersed peacefully,” he said.
As shops were closed early for the day, the police set up road blocks along Jalan Punang leading to Kampung Belimbing which certain groups were rumoured to threaten to burn down.
The Star was made to understand that Limbang Resident Maria Hasnan would meet the community leaders today to try to settle the issue.
Maria is expected to release an official statement after the meeting.
Ba’Kelalan state assemblyman Baru Bian, however, could not be reached on his mobile phone for comments


langkau said...

everyone in Lawas know that drugs, car theft, smuggling etc. have been rampant for many years and yet, the police don't do anything about it. people's anger are towards the cops...

Chindiana said...

even after this i highly doubt anything will change. I dont want to claim to suddenly be caring about how our nation is going to the crap sticks but this case actually showed the tidak apa attitude, censoring of news and the disinterest of an elected official to do the right thing. all right here in front of me on the screen.

Quick strike that lottery Langkau! i'll find some land near your little bit of paradise!

ah lim said...

I agree with you, nothing will change. Its the culture, the tidak apa attitude. You can't blame them really, the government has been giving hand outs to them ever since independence. In effect gov has cultivated these attitudes. Anyways, they will just make this a non-issue by saying its not what it is and let time envelope the issue. Very smart, they don't do anything and just let it sit there until ppl are tired of making it an issue. I'm disgusted yet again.

Chindiana said...

spot on Ah Lim! and we're partly to blame i guess - we elected these people...