Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Salon Virgin No More...

You try everything once 'they' say. I sat through a facial once and just when i was dozing off that steam shit scared the crap out of my ass. How was i to know you need that to open up your pores.

Two days ago i the Girl Friend of Chindy was going to get her hair cut and washed and since I didnt 90 minutes wouldnt give me enough time to do manly things on a Sunday (like hiking a mountain, wrestling a bear or just siting in Kanana Curry House gorging on banana leaf lunch), i decided to get my hair washed and cut by a professional.

My head of hair over the past 40 years has ONLY been cut by old Indian barbers. Even back in the day when these guys would be cycling around the neighbourhoods and i would sit at the drain beside my house as he snipped away. Even back in the day when I graduated to another Indian guy who had a shop but smoked those old Indian 'cheroots'.

On this Sunday morning, a hip Chinese man snipped my hair, his assistance shampooed my close cropped top and massaged my scalp and neck. (yes it was nice).

All this for a grand total of RM60 bucks which is about USD30.

My Indian barbers cut my hair for Rm10.


RM60 buck is a jug and half of beer. 5 bottles of Heineken. The latest Walking Dead trade paperback. and... um.... motherfuck.... there's nothing much you can buy with 60 bucks these days ....

FOr the life of me i can't tell the difference but the GFOC says I look nice and the Staff of Chindy says my head looks good.

Maybe I'll go back.


When i stop my drinking habits.

One must balance the hair wash to bucket of Heineken ratio in one's daily life.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My New Interveiw process

I started calling potential candidates today at 8am in the morning. It was very random but my team is a small tight knit group that's more a SAS strike team than a Wal Mart or some FMCG. My guys work hard hours, are on standby after hours and are supposed to be galvanized into action whenever I call (exception being if they're breast feeding).

I figured if you were a sucker for pain and wanted to work for a boss who was a total anal bastard at work, who expects staff to join him in an afternoon whisky in the office, has a short temper with even the smallest delays, then you'd have to be able to know what i want. i can't wait for 9am to start the day. I've already wrestled a coupla bears before breakfast as you all know all too well.

So far now one has answered my calls. its 9am now and no one has even returned a call.

Anyone out there want a job?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

When someone nukes a McDonalds...

Kinda cool. And Scary....

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