Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My First Paid Speaking Engagement

Well it wasnt much, enough for me to buy a banana leaf lunch for the Girlfriend of Chindi and maybe with some spare change for a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger but it was kinda cool when someone is willing to fly you to a foreign country, put you up in a nice hotel and all you need to do is share a little bit about the nature of your work.

It was kind of awkward as the Thais dont speak very good English and because of time constraints my translator told me to just go ahead "but speak very slow. VERY SLOW PLEASE MR CHINDI. You talk quite fast"

It was an OK crowd about 100 people, mainly some professors of sports management from local universities, some corporate clients and personnel from the Thailand Sports Authority.

Was still amazed at my supreme talent at managing to put 2 fuckers to sleep within 15 minutes of my presentation at 10.30 in the MORNING. Was EVEN MORE amazed when one of those dozers managed to wake up after the talk and actually ask me quite pertinent questions. Is there such as thing as 'sleep eavesdropping'?

Anyway for some reason that 5000 Bhat is now sitting in my drawer in an envelope marked "First Speaking Engagement. Many more to come"

Yeah it WAS kind of a cool experience. I'm hooked.


Princess said...

Awwww, congrats! Many more to come!

Chindiana said...

Thanks Princess! Majulah Grumpy Speakers Untuk Negara!

ah lim said...

wah when can we hear you speak?

Chindiana said...

anytime Ah Lim! just buy me beers and i'll bring along the powerpoint presentation!

Anonymous said...

waaahhh congratulasi, man! not bad for a quick gig eh? (at least i'm assuming it's quick)

Chindiana said...

Heyo Chihoo! Thanks! Its OK la. VERY new experience for me :)