Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ambushed by Age

...... when hair keeps growing out of every crevice of your body no matter how often you try to trim those little fukers.

2. When you start reading the daily newspapers like your grandfather. (and you know its going to get worse)

3. Trying to replicate a coupla chapters from the Kama Sutra means at least 2 days medical leave.

4. You need words repeated to you because yes, your hearing is fucking following your eye sight on what looks like gradually longer holidays

5. You now have the alcohol drinking prowess of a 2 week old kitten (i had put 12 year old girl but realised it wouldn't be PC)

6. Questions like "will i outlive my savings?' haunt you like a Freddie Kruger wet dream

7. You start forgetting where you parked your car in malls (and you're not even a woman)

8. Related to the above, the memory in general is like a rusty sieve. You can remember your first baby steps but can't remember next week's meetings.

9. You're watching 'erotica' instead of 'porn'

10. IPhone, IPads, IGadgets mean as much to you as a study of dung beetles in Latin.

At least I still have my morning boners...

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