Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sometimes.. this job has its perks

You are here with me. We're looking at this contract. We've just sent out a bunch of emails and we've got another two long emails to draft. One of which needs some thought on legal implications. After that I think I will head down to Warong Made's for a late lunch.

The morning rain lingers on the damp ground next to the swimming pool. The cold wind is refreshing after the early morning flight and cab ride to the hotel.

We've managed to cover half of Brock Lesnar's autubiography on the plane.

OOoohh the winds picked up. Hope it lasts for the meeting later with the client. He's just told me to come in shorts as he wants to have drinks outside. The beers should taste good on the beach near his home.

This will be a good work trip to Bali...