Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Underworld Awakening Review

Kate Beckinsdale in leather is back again. Who gives a shit if its popcorn fare thats not going to win any Oscars. Who cares that even fantasy reality is forsaken? (vampires are undead - they shouldn't have blood or beating hearts), the fourth installment gets Beckinsdale's Selene up the badass meter a coupla tens of notches. The violence here is visceral and when you see a vampire kid tear apart a werewolf's face in half you know the game's changed. There's no stupid love story here to slow down the pace. The franchise has wisely left the mushy vampire lovin' to the Twilight saga. Selene here is the combo of Sigourney Weaver's Momma Ripley meets a menopausal She-Predator.

Watch this if you want your action thick and violent. Sly and the family Expendables will find it hard to top this i think. WHen you have an angry vampire MILF laying the Smackdown on werewolfs who infiltrated government positions while she hunts for her kidnapped kid then just sit back and enjoy the action.

Ladies - best watched when you're pissed off at your boyfriend/husbands, your boss is a bullying bastard, your own-laws just dissed you this Chinese New Year or its simply That Time of The Month.

Guys - best watched because you're not a gay.

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