Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lucas Retires

A petulant Uncle George is calling it quits from blockbuster making. All the criticism levelled at him for mucking about his legacy (Solo ALWAYS will shoot first in my memory) and some self indulgent moments in his prequel trilogy has finally taken a toll.

George Lucas the Geek God of millions, whose creation changed to lives of millions of young men across the world was a visionary but not so much as the creator of Star Wars BUT the ancilary structures and businesses the created that enabled the movie franchise to move into the 21st century as a cultural phenomenon almost 40 years after its creation.

Uncle George was the first person to recognise merchandising as a key revenue generator and took on the the sole rights when the studios were willing to let it go, he created THX the sound engineering studio, Industrial Light and Magic the special effects division that would drive the look and feel of the prequels for the Play Station generation and also contribute to many other movies in the '80s and '90s. He made a inter galactic buddy movie that charmed us all, hired better directors in Empire and Jedi to keep the momentum going whilst he developed the back end tech that would make SW cutting edge at that time.

The Clone Wars cartoons are running on their own. Us fan boys are now still buying his toys although we're now calling them 'collectables', whatever he's contributed to actual story telling is self indulgent pottering around and reworking his old classics. George forgot he made a movie for fans. THe FANS, us kids who made him. It was my 9 year old self who bought 7 die cast X wings to form Rogue Squadron and a whole bunch of plastic figures. Yes, George i own a part of your ass.

With money comes an ego, and the visionary cant take the shtick. The Clone Wars will move on steadily and George will now continue to release Star Wars on every technological format to cash in on us again - HD, Digital, 3D, 4D (buy 4 ekor get a hologram clone trooper membership card) etc.

His days as a story teller were over a long time ago. Maybe its time he rediscovered his roots with his new direction. But wherever he's going or going to do, George made me dream, he made me fight the bad guys in space, under my bed and in my dreams. He made me believe that anything could happen and the bad guys wouldnt truimph forever.

So George, thank you sire and May the Force Be with You.

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