Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Attempt to write a blog post

I am sitting in another airport. Its 6am ish and i have been up since 4am. I arrived back from Jakarta last night. My sleeping boxers remain the same from Indonesia. I will need to get a new set of underwear from Manila when i land later. Maybe a coupla pairs of socks too. I could fumigate a pirate colony with whats wrapped around my feet at the moment.

Tomorrow is a Suit Day and i hope the rashes wont hurt when the shirt and tie come on. Oh have i mentioned that this year is Chasing A Coupla Dreams Year. Remember all those wish full thoughts and dreams i have been telling some of you folks in the past (normally when i was pissed drunk and slurring like a coke smugglers prison bitch). Well i hope to get at least one or two out of my head and into the realm of reality.

There's a lot of good guys like us out there. We want that better life, the simpler life, away from cubicles, office politics, the concrete jungles and the fumes of one too many cars oh life's highway (overly dramatic yes but i AM on my second cup of coffee within the last 30 minutes).

Anticipate some rants in the next few days. Manila inspires me!

Peace out peoplessss.


Ashley Liew said...

And you called me dramatic when I said I could break down and cry while stuck in the jam. Pfffttt!!

Chindiana said...

I half Indian la - am allowed the drama luxury. Plus i do it with some flair dont you think? :P

Nex said...

Am chasing couple dreams too this year; I have a good feeling this will be the year I finally 'make it' as its MY year (I was born in the year of the Water Dragon, which is what this year is).

Here's to racing towards infinity, and beyond!!!

Chindiana said...

Awesome dude! its about time eh?