Monday, January 30, 2012

C3PO Alcoholic Relations Protocol Droid

Of all places i found this incarnation of the inter-galactic duo at
my 80 year old aunt's home in the Rahang New Village in Seremban.
Dont say there're no geeks in the Kampung Barus yo!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Superwomen and Breast Cancer Awareness

Somehow these ads from a Mozambique non profit organisation to spread awareness about breast cancer may not really reach out to to the female psyche as much as the nerd herd. Having these super women to be seen fondling their perfect super boobs will prob make a geek boy's wet dream. But i guess it did fulfill the objective of getting folks attention.

Originally picked up HERE and highlighted on The Score magazine's FB page.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Underworld Awakening Review

Kate Beckinsdale in leather is back again. Who gives a shit if its popcorn fare thats not going to win any Oscars. Who cares that even fantasy reality is forsaken? (vampires are undead - they shouldn't have blood or beating hearts), the fourth installment gets Beckinsdale's Selene up the badass meter a coupla tens of notches. The violence here is visceral and when you see a vampire kid tear apart a werewolf's face in half you know the game's changed. There's no stupid love story here to slow down the pace. The franchise has wisely left the mushy vampire lovin' to the Twilight saga. Selene here is the combo of Sigourney Weaver's Momma Ripley meets a menopausal She-Predator.

Watch this if you want your action thick and violent. Sly and the family Expendables will find it hard to top this i think. WHen you have an angry vampire MILF laying the Smackdown on werewolfs who infiltrated government positions while she hunts for her kidnapped kid then just sit back and enjoy the action.

Ladies - best watched when you're pissed off at your boyfriend/husbands, your boss is a bullying bastard, your own-laws just dissed you this Chinese New Year or its simply That Time of The Month.

Guys - best watched because you're not a gay.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lucas Retires

A petulant Uncle George is calling it quits from blockbuster making. All the criticism levelled at him for mucking about his legacy (Solo ALWAYS will shoot first in my memory) and some self indulgent moments in his prequel trilogy has finally taken a toll.

George Lucas the Geek God of millions, whose creation changed to lives of millions of young men across the world was a visionary but not so much as the creator of Star Wars BUT the ancilary structures and businesses the created that enabled the movie franchise to move into the 21st century as a cultural phenomenon almost 40 years after its creation.

Uncle George was the first person to recognise merchandising as a key revenue generator and took on the the sole rights when the studios were willing to let it go, he created THX the sound engineering studio, Industrial Light and Magic the special effects division that would drive the look and feel of the prequels for the Play Station generation and also contribute to many other movies in the '80s and '90s. He made a inter galactic buddy movie that charmed us all, hired better directors in Empire and Jedi to keep the momentum going whilst he developed the back end tech that would make SW cutting edge at that time.

The Clone Wars cartoons are running on their own. Us fan boys are now still buying his toys although we're now calling them 'collectables', whatever he's contributed to actual story telling is self indulgent pottering around and reworking his old classics. George forgot he made a movie for fans. THe FANS, us kids who made him. It was my 9 year old self who bought 7 die cast X wings to form Rogue Squadron and a whole bunch of plastic figures. Yes, George i own a part of your ass.

With money comes an ego, and the visionary cant take the shtick. The Clone Wars will move on steadily and George will now continue to release Star Wars on every technological format to cash in on us again - HD, Digital, 3D, 4D (buy 4 ekor get a hologram clone trooper membership card) etc.

His days as a story teller were over a long time ago. Maybe its time he rediscovered his roots with his new direction. But wherever he's going or going to do, George made me dream, he made me fight the bad guys in space, under my bed and in my dreams. He made me believe that anything could happen and the bad guys wouldnt truimph forever.

So George, thank you sire and May the Force Be with You.

For the news break go here HERE

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon Year Folks!

Getting in the mood. A modified plant/card board dragon greets guests at
my aunts home at the Rahang New Village in Seremban early this morning.

More Dragon babies, hopefully a better economy. Happy holidays, watch the gambling and Drive safe folks and watch the crazy drivers on the highway.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Taking things for granted...

Yep, in Manila your laptop is just as bad as a gun (which is a little more freely available in the Philippines). Picture taken at the lobby of a building somewhere in Manila.

Some car jackings in Manila is now done at gun point and a relative of a basketball player was gunned down during a game at a gym in front of his family. And we think we're a downtrodden lot...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Attempt to write a blog post

I am sitting in another airport. Its 6am ish and i have been up since 4am. I arrived back from Jakarta last night. My sleeping boxers remain the same from Indonesia. I will need to get a new set of underwear from Manila when i land later. Maybe a coupla pairs of socks too. I could fumigate a pirate colony with whats wrapped around my feet at the moment.

Tomorrow is a Suit Day and i hope the rashes wont hurt when the shirt and tie come on. Oh have i mentioned that this year is Chasing A Coupla Dreams Year. Remember all those wish full thoughts and dreams i have been telling some of you folks in the past (normally when i was pissed drunk and slurring like a coke smugglers prison bitch). Well i hope to get at least one or two out of my head and into the realm of reality.

There's a lot of good guys like us out there. We want that better life, the simpler life, away from cubicles, office politics, the concrete jungles and the fumes of one too many cars oh life's highway (overly dramatic yes but i AM on my second cup of coffee within the last 30 minutes).

Anticipate some rants in the next few days. Manila inspires me!

Peace out peoplessss.

Friday, January 13, 2012


* Thanks to Ariel Spock for the share!