Friday, December 30, 2011

A Hero for the Rempits

In brightest day, in darkest night,
No flat tire shall escape my sight,
Let those sufferring rusty nail plights
Beware my power,
Pancit Man's patching might!


Princess said...

That you come up with that limerick? Not bad, didn't know you were a rhyming man. Next thing I know, you be rapping your ass off. LOL.

Chindiana said...

Yes Princess i actually did :D

Sometimes i surprise myself with my nonchalant genius!

And dont worry, you're not going to be hearing any ass rapping from me (not in the near future at least)

Oh wait! you DO KNOW that i am just parapharasing the Green Lantern creedo ?

The Fon said...

Dont make fun of Pancit Man ok...u dun ride kapchai u dunno :p

langkau said...

Sorry, this reply has nothing to do with your post. Since you don't have twitter, I give you this link (a trail that you might be familiar with...)

Yes, researchers found this elusive bay cat prowling on the same path we trekked more than a year ago, on Irang Sengkulub (or Irang Lungun)...that steep slope between Long Rebpun and Pa Lungan. :)

Chindiana said...

Haha Fon-DUE i thought you might appreciate that. At least now you got nombor to call! :P

Langkau! yeah i read on your FB also. Who woulda thunk it? Makes me wanna try that trail again! wahahaha!

Eh in the FB comments did one of your cousins actually talk about already cooking and eating one of these cats?