Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 6 Quotes by Malaysians in Africa

Yes I am fucking insanely slow to upload the Kilimanjaro post. But in the meantime I thought i'd share with you guys some of the more memorable utterances that came out of me and my travel partners during our little jaunt around Kilimanjaro and the various national parks in Tanzania.

Here goes y'all:

When the altitude gets to you:

1. "180 cm is 2 meters right - The Princess

2. "Is that the shadow's clouds? - Da Steph

When you share a tent with another dude AND having to sleep on slopes and mountain sides:

3. "Sliding into Tree Hugger in the middle of the night was nice and warm" - uhh... that was Me. I meant i kept rolling down the slopes into him. Blame it on the altitude.

4. "My tent smells of boy" - The Tree Hugger

When you're seeing wildlife up close for the first time:

5. " The elephants lips looks like a labia" - The Princess

6. "The warthog has a sexy ass. From the back it looks like Beyonce in heels" - yep, the Princess again.


ah lim said...


langkau said...

i will never see the elephant's lips the same way again

Chindiana said...

Glad it made your day Ah Lim!

haha Langkau, i know right? The mind of a woman is a truly 'wonderous' place...

Chindiana said...

Eh Langkau i cant get to you blog la! already 3 weeks. you block the world again?

langkau said...

My blog's domain have been experiencing strange illness. The guy is trying to work it out. For now, the address is (but I've not updated it...I dont have interesting stories like yours lah)

Chindiana said...

Please la wei weekly drunken escapdes in the dark interiors of Borneo is hardly not interesting! Too hung over to write is more like it :P