Monday, November 28, 2011

Safari Preview

The 2 Land cruisers race each other across the barren dessert, kicking up white and brown dust like a knife cut across the dark brown earth. My ass is shuddering on the hard seat that had long lost it 'cushion'. The cold wind stings out face, young Masai shepheards wave to the twin metal monsters grinding their way across hard terrain.

Behind us, the Serenggetti spreads out to the heavens. its plains only giving way to the startling blue skies lovingly caressed by the fluffiest of white clouds. The grazers graze and the predators sleep off last night's kill. The history of mankind, it's aura, smell, spirit and being encompasses us, more a part of us than the grimy dust that cakes our faces, clothes, hair.

Africa called and we came. Now we needed to find a tree or a bush for an urgent toilet break without having to deal with the potential of a hungry lion wandering about. My kingdom for a plastic bag....

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