Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bali, Mraz and Drunken Fingers...

Sunset Kuta Beach

I've put the Girlfriend of Chindi thorough a lot of my grumpy moods so when I heard that Jason Mraz (her fav singer was holding an acoustic session on a beach in Bali (also the GFoCs fav island) I decided it was a great enough an excuse to head south to the Indonesian island.

We all love Bali dont we, the mysticism, the people, the surf crashing against temple temple throned cliffsides, the pure debauchery of Kuta, the chic lustre of Seminyak, the quite comtemplation of the rice fields of Ubud and the reaching out to the Gods on Agung Mountain and the mystical lakes in the middle of the island.

So's we get head on down - no plans, just to take things easy, catch Mraz and his buddy Tikotiki Capacabana sorry i meant Toca River, do an unplugged session Taman Bagawan in Nusadua on the 9th of November.

The best way to enjoy Bali is to take it easy and thats what we did. Below are just some pics to share with you on our experience.

Temple Carvings at Kuta Beach

Baddass old monkey in Uluwatu. I would give
him money if he had asked.

We arrived on the 8th of Nov. Chilled out by the hotel and did some shopping in the surf shops before heading out to Hard Rock for some live band action. We hit Uluwatu the next day to just catch up with the old temple there (the GFoCs loves visiting the temples of Bali). Somehow the place seems to have lost its lustre. I hope that the opening up of these sacred temples to toursts doesnt end up with them being places of curiosity and bringing an end to the thousands of years of worship and prayer.
Warong Made's Special Nasi Campor. Awesome
and filling espcially with a Coke.

Lunch we hit Warond Made in Kuta. Its just behind our hotel so its convenient. I end up later having very early beers by the hotel pool with a Balinese friend before we take an early cab to Nusa Dua for the concert.

I've got to hand it to Mraz. I wasnt much of a fan but he's quite good with the crowd and yes he has a good voice for these times. Almost 6,000 Indonesians and tourists lapped up his repertoire. Since we were by the beach the GF and myself took our time to walk around the park we were in and chilled sipping ice frappes from the Starbucks stall nearby. We were lucky enough to catch an honest Bluebird cab driver in the mad rush out of Nusa dua just after the concert ended.

Souvenir shop product at Tanah Lot
We hit Tanah Lot the next day. What many folks dont realise there's a park on the right of the gates to the main temple which is scenic and pretty and also leads to the other temple Pura Balong (GFoC! correct spelling?) which is kinda cool. Tanah Lot is best experienced in the evenings watchin the sun set while having a cold beer. We were there in the late morning and while it was a little hot, the tide was too high to walk to the main temple.

Pura Balong temple at Tanah Lot. Note the tiny surfer just
below the temple in the water.

A statue at the Tanah Lot Park

Prayers at a smaller temple in the Park

A Krisna outlet in Kuta

Bali is a bit of a tourist trap if you're shopping along the beaches and the thousands of crappy stalls spread throughout the island. If you want no bullshit shopping head to one of the 4 Krisna outlets in Kuta and Denpasar for very reasonble but fixed price shopping. They've got a wide range of products from foodstuff, clothings and artwork.

The fancy roof of Galuh Bali Spa.

We hit the Galuh Bali spa where i get some sloppy stuff slapped on me and them am encrusted in mud which is then scrubbed off with a vengence. I did this for the woman of course. Although i must admit i did feel purty after that.. The service was rushed for such a fancy joint - prob a place for tourists and not asians who know our massages and spa stuff.

Galuh Bali's hobbit home inspired entrance

We head back to freshen up and then head back to Hard Rock to meet Putu, the GF's old buddy from her Indonesian Adventuring days. Putu is not much of a drinker but the band's better today and they're actually singing all our requests. Picture above taken after 2 jugs of beer.

Picture above and below taken after 5 jugs of beers
and 3 plates of chicken wings.

The Girlfriend of Chindi outside HRC. I still have no idea what setting this was on. I guess drunk fingers do wander...

Hope you guys enjoyed this slight diversions before i continue the African adventures!


langkau said...

for a while there i thought bali was in tanzania, a beach located just next to kilimanjaro. :)

BabittaBanana said...

Langkau :
DOOD ! come come i give you free geography lessons...hahahha

Chindi babyekekekkekeke) :
wth is Tikotiki Capacabana????? its Toca Rivera..he is awesome shitz k.

and its Pura Batu Bolong..Bolong meaning hole. remember there was a sorta hole between the Pura and the ocean below..??
this is me being pandai2, but it kinda make sense, no?

the 5jugs of happyjuice made you a skillful photographer who discovered camera settings you never knew it had and dont remember how to set it again. What goes on in Bali STAYS in Bali, i guess..

Chindiana said...

Thank goodness Bali is much closer than Tanzania Langkau. Jom, lets head out there for a new drinking experience soon! What say you?

Babitta today eh? I cant even remember consciously changing the settings on the camera wei. Oh well, the pics look as if i was going for 'atmospheric'...