Saturday, October 1, 2011

Off To Africa

My first trip to the dark continent. bringing up memories of Gods mUst be Crazy, Roots, Kunta Kinte, King's Solomon's Mines and a whole slew of old school Safari movies (yes including Born Free) and yes i am that old.

So i attempt to scale Kilimajaro. My last endevour at that height therebouts (19,000 ft) was almost 20 years ago in Nepal when i crossed the Thronglar Pass.

Now with injuries to back, knees, ankles and some minght say my mind, i am taking this little jaunt up Africa's highest peak.

See you guys in two weeks time!


Nex said...

Just wanna let you know I'm insanely jealous.

Oh and I HATE YOU!!! :(

ah lim said...

haha... He has gone to wrestle Bears of Kilimanjaro. Wear that cap man, at least give the Bears there some heads up.

LCB said...

Plant the Chindian flag and don't fuck any Rhinos!

Chindiana said...

Jangan la jeles Nex! You can always go too!

Ah Lim! Thanks for the cap but because of weight i only had to bring one big ass sun hat for the sun - yes i looked like an aunty on that mountain!

WTF wei LCB - i havent gone down that Rhino fucking path just yet.... Although the zebras and warthogs had nice asses (like Beyonce on heels like one of the girls in my group pointed out)