Thursday, August 25, 2011

Singapore's CurryGate

That's what you get when you start to trade in your citizens for foreign man power.

Governments are arrogant and always use the citizens for their own agenda but I've never seen any country in the world where the government is encouraging an almost 100% increase in citizenship by giving citizenship to folks from all around the world especially from China.

Singaporeans are now second class citizen in their own country and when a rude, obnoxious Chinese national (is there any other kind?) wins the right to control curry cooking in your own home, someone gonna get hurt real soon.

Go HERE for the details.


Nex said...

Sabah is no different. There're now more Indonesians and Filipinos with MyKad here than genuine Sabahans...

Chindiana said...

How la? Pretty soon you will be the minority holding on fast to the word "bah"!

Times are a changing dude!