Thursday, August 25, 2011

KL City

Picture taken from the KL Tower

Where we drive like blind bastards on steroids and ecstasy, where you can pay off a cop with t-shirts and 20 bucks, where rats rummage within inches of the best food in town, where the glorious golden sunrise bathes our traffic snarled up highways and sunsets rewind that scene all over again, unless its one of those haze veiled evenings where we blame the Indonesians every August for burning their forests. In KL City where the guys are preppy and the girls are pretty (at least in the suburbs), where hot good food waits eagerly to jump into our clubbing hungering stomachs 24 hours a day, where the trees and hills of the countrysides are just minutes away from concrete and tarmac, where sometimes the politicians don't reach us with their tentacles as we're defended by well read pseudo literati sponsored by the Opposition, where our shops spread their fake pirate wares unabashedly devoid of fear from intellectual property lawyers, where we sleep, as the night falls, knowing that the city outside buzzes, whispers, hums, and occasionally after the bars close, screeches and crashes against concrete, trees and rails.

Kuala Lumpur, the Muddy Bank, filthy, dirty, polluted, delicious, cheap, real and unreal, corrupted and optimistic and forever dreaming, young feet on old muscles, walking, running, crawling into a future, fiercely fighting between a zombie holocaust and a hippie Smurf colony.


ah lim said...

So is KL City good or bad?

When you free? I have some coffee I wanna pass to you.

Chindiana said...

Ah Limzzz what you think man? hehe.

Next week i am a bit free. can cari you go yum cha?

ah lim said...

Just realized this is a No Coffee 1) it means KL City no good, 2) good thing i'm offering coffee.

When you a bit free let me know, i'll come by and pass you the coffee. Better than OldTown's and way cheaper keke.

Chindiana said...

wa new discovery eh? better than old town some more! set! next week i am a bit freeer so will call you!