Friday, August 12, 2011

Jimbaran, Bali

Yes, the pictures are blur.... -_-

The Girlfriend of Chindi with the lighted airport and Kuta in the background

What's the appeal of this must experience for many in Bali? The seafood is not bad (depending on which of the many many beach front huts that serve them) but what else?

Its the chance of dining on a beach as the sun sets (okok the sunset is too early around 6pm) but Jimbaran dinners can be an enchanting affair where literally you can be eating a grilled fish on a beach with hundreds of table lights spread along an almost 3 km beach, twinkling yellow little stars in the darkness of the night as the sounds of the surf crash gently against the soft Balinese sand.

You eat and drink cold Bintang beers as airplanes land nearby at the Denpasar airport, as they make their numerous approaches from the horizon brightens up the dark sky with pin points of brave twinkling lights that light up the dark, dark western sky of the Indian Ocean.

Soft murmurs break the song of the waves, children laugh and play closer to the sea, the hissing gush of hot steam from the dude selling fresh buttered corn is a constant reminder that you can nibble on a cob as you walk along the beach after dinner.

Lighted sparklers or toys fly out into the night sky as children throw them about with abandon. The delighted sound of childrens laughter chase the toys as they swirl and dip in the air before making soft landings on the sandy beach. Just next door the Javanese minstrels gently croon 'La Bamba' as they seek out alms for their efforts.

Of course you hit Jimbaran for dinner. The prices are decent and the food is edible. Its only about 30-40 minutes from Kuta depending on traffic and what else is there to do in the night before you hit the bars to pick up surfers, beach boys, Japanese tourists, Australian hippies, the models in the chic clubs and the gay lords in the loud dance clubs?

Some of the restaurants can build a stage for companies who wish to have full fledged karoake session but Jimbaran is best experienced with private intimate company or the close camaraderie of good friends. (makes splitting the bill much easier...)

The town of Kuta lights up the horizon.

Lotsa lights momma, so many lights...


BellaBanana said...

awwwwwwwwww......isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderrrfullll....



Chindiana said...


ghoul said...

Hey chindy

Haha, i went there the last evening I was in Bali with my gf. Beautiful sunset we got there :) So romantic, if not for the large number of diners.

Hehe, we ordered seafood randomly and ended up with a RM300+ bill :P Luckilly got enough rupiahs with us, lol. Food was not bad, so a big bonus.

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ghoul said...

correction... we went to the same stretch of the beach... :P

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Chindiana said...

What did you eat wei Ghoul! i think our meal alone was about rm150.

Hope it didnt suck up too much of your precious RPs!

ghoul said...

Around 1 million rupiahs.

crab, fish, calamari, prawns, vege, rice ... you know, the whole do. Was curious, and you don't realise how much food you have when you pick... "take that one, the other small one, and that small one..." the small ones do add up :)

P.S. I like to believe we didn't get conned, hahahaha.

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