Monday, August 1, 2011

Danau Beratan, Bali

About and hour and half from Ubud or about 2 hours from Kuta (all depending on the traffic along the narrow Balinese roads) snuggled between mountains is Danau Beratan in the highland district of Bedegul. Its a nice place if you're on your way from the Northern town of Lovina to Ubud or Kuta or vice versa. The cold highland weather is great for having that hot coffee by the calm lake shore. But is it worth the drive just for this? Def not as you would get a more specatular scenery at Kintamani.

So what do you do when you make a stopover? Rent a boat to take a 15 minute wiz around the lake - it costs RP100,0000.00 about RM40 bucks or USD12 for 4-5 people. It's not unpleasant. And for an additional RP15,000 the merceneary boatman will let you disembark at the lake side villas across the jetty (About USD150 per night) to let you walk around their grounds.

The ticket counter to purchase the boat ride tickets.

The wake of our boat as it leaves the jetty. The evening sun was wrestling to get through the thick mists that was begining to envelop the lake.

The mist covered temple at the lake.

One of the few fishermen we saw on the lake.

The villas across the lake from the jetty. On this stark grey cold evening it looked like the setting for the next Michael Myers flick.

The small row of little wooden shop lots where you can get insant hot soup noodles, coffee and other basic snacks. Sorry that the boat is more in focus - i am drawn to colorful things...

The sun valiantly peeking through the clouds as our boat headed back to the jetty.

The sky breaks through a little before the evening mists took over within minutes.

Its an OK stopover if you're already on the road. Bedugul town itself offers many cycling trails that will take you down to Ubud and even Denpasar (about 10-12 hours) and many Balinese locals do mountain bike these trails on weekends (they rent vans that drive them up to Bedegul and cycle down to the towns.

Getting to Danau Beratan in time for sun rises and sun sets would be a good for photographers but the mists would mess with your light. But fuck that right. Fortune favors the brave and the patient.

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