Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tanah Lot, Bali

Tanah Lot is just one of those stops that all need to do in Bali. Is it a must see? Depends what does it for you. THis is the first time I've been here after almost 3 years of exploring the island as there wasnt any real thrill to make it a must see. But I wrestle bears before breakfast. Photographers i guess should head out here. Lover's who want to take dramatic pictures standing on volcanic rocks should pay this place a visit too. Little old ladies who want to pray for their wayward punkass 21 year old grand children also.

It a bit anti climatic and as is the norm in Bali they've set up an entire shopping market in the area leading up to the beach. The market of course comes with the normal tourist trappings like "take a picture with a python" or some wood carvings and cheap Bintang Beer t-shirts.

Its about an hour's drive from Kuta depending on the traffic on the narrow Balinese roads. It's still an important temple to the Balinese and prayers are still held here. If timing is right you'll prob catch a Balinese families prayer procession at the temple around low tide.

Nice place to take your mum or aunties or just to take in the sights of loud tourists cam whoring on volcanic rocks as waves break nosily upon them (the rocks not the tourists...)

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