Friday, July 29, 2011

Bali Random Shots

Panjors at Kuta Beach in the early morning.

Fishing boats at Kuta beach - mainly in use to ferry holiday makers around and to take surfers further out to sea if the waves are too tame closer to shore.

A Save The Bali Turtles monument along Kuta Beach - use it to threaten misbehaving kids that they the giant turtle will eat them in their dreams.
My early morning breakfast of hot nasi padang and Nescafe by the beach.
Yes, I was also fielding calls from the office....

The interior of the Lotus restaurant in Ubud - the deceiving entrance hides the lotus pool and the private family temple inside.

Early morning offerings to the main guardians/ gods

Landscaping at the Lotus restaurant in Ubud.

A Dirty Duck from where else Bebek Bengil in Ubud.

Rice fields along the drive to the highlands of Bedegul

A hungry mutt with young devotees at the main temple in Ubud.


ah lim said...

nasi padang and nescafe, by the beach... bestnye

Chindiana said...

Yesh Ah Limzzz plus add a cold wind gusting about - almost perfect without that dustbin in front of me.

ah lim said...

Looks clean and no flies around, i'll just ignore it and take it as rustic charm. heh
si beh song

Chindiana said...

yep that was one clean bin :)