Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Ambassador, An Astronaut and Aze

I just got back from Manila and it was just one of those days when i spent within the space of 2 hours in the company of the Malaysian ambassador to the Philippines, Dato Sri Dr. Ibrahim Saad, our um... Malaysian aaaahhh.... siiiiiiiiiiigh Astronaut Dr Sheikh whatsisname while ending the night with wine at a chic restaurant in the company of model and FHM cover girl Aze Sasaki.

Sometimes, just SOMETIMES i find myself in situations other than alcohol fuelled acts of unintentional stupidity. I didn't take pictures though as i am not really a fan of politics or government funded space tourism and also thought it wouldn't be cool to shove an blackberry in front of a model who was enjoying dinner after a long day at a shoot.

I had hit Manila for a press conference and was invited to a function at the Malaysian embassy. I know his excellency Dato Sri Ibrahim from his days as the Secretary General of the Football Association of Malaysia and decided to drop by (and grab some dinner) as he was hosting a special function for our... siiiigh Malaysian astronaut Doc Sheikh who they were marketing as the first man from South East Asia in space (although i think there was a Vietnamese dude who made that trip in the '80s).

The Malaysian Astronaut - a doctor, model and a space adventurer. I am waiting for the action figures... -_-

It was a typical rah rah do with the astro... wait, we can't call him an astronaut as the Americans refused to take him up. Oh yeah since he went up on a Ruskie Rocket he's billed as a cosmonaut. Anyway they showed some videos and the Doc related some of his experiences in space, made some "no you can't teh tarik in space" references and ended with some rah rah 'you can do anything' chase your dreams shpeal. Got to say the dude cut a sharp figure in his dark open collared suit. I disappointed many a swooning Filipina when I hinted he may not be into the XX gene type when one of them explained," is that why he's here when his wife is going to give birth anytime soon at home?"

This is where i excused myself to look for more capatis.

I briefly caught up with his Excellency Dato Sri doc Ibrahim and he was his usual boyish exuberant lepak self. We chatted a while and exchanged numbers and we'll prob catch up the next time i hit Manila.

I had to rush off to another function with clients at Chef Laudico's Bistro at Bonifacio Global City. I arrived late and dinner was in full service. There were a bunch of advertising guys and creative sorts and i just stuck to the wine as my now capati bloated stomach was in a bitchy mood considering that Chef Ladico's had some really great dishes and my stomach store was all quota-ed up.

Suddenly the door opens behind me and some commotion came up, i dont bother but the guys behind me are staring at the top of my head. I turn back and this insanely tall woman with cheek bones about 10 stories high was shaking hands with some of the members of our group.

"Hi, !" she smiled and sat next to me, the only spare chair at the table.

I think i mumble something vague. But pretty soon we start chatting and I just got to say this woman was smart, strong, independent and a no bull shit taker. Aze Sasaki, a 5' 8" (excluding the extra 4" boots she had on) is a lean athletic mixture of Filipino, Spanish and Japanese. She's a model and a regular in FHM and was featured last March in FHM Russia as well. We talk shop and she tells me how Brazilian girls are taking some of the business from the local models in Manila. etc etc.

I felt she looked better without a gay stylist infected make-up but here, check out some of the pics of her from FHM:

This second pic was picked by the Girlfriend of Chindy as she taught Aze looked hot here.

Yeah, she has nice cheek bones yes?

I went home sober, chatted online with the Girlfriend of Chindy and slept soundly like a baby.

How else do you sleep after meeting an ambassador, an astro... COSmonaut and a hot model AND manage to get home sober? yeah, i AM getting old...


ah lim said...

I think when guys stare at hot women, its called Oogling.

Anyways, congrats on getting back sober. That's not sign of getting old, it's sign of getting mature hahaha :P

Pleasant sunday

Anonymous said...

Mature ah Mr Lim? How does that explain my recent infatuation with Lego blocks?

Anonymous said...

Damn that was me ANON again...

J said...

OI. Next time please label "NSFW" next to the blog post title, please! :P

Chindiana said...

uuuh... minta maaf ya but what's NSFW?

J said...

Not Safe For Work!

ah lim said...

lol! thanks man for asking the question. I was also wondering what is NSFW.

langkau said...

why does she like to hide her cheekbones laa...

comosnot wore that suit when you saw him?

Chindiana said...

J! whats not safe for work? the cosmonaut?

Ah Lim! glad to be of service - i hve no shame when it comes to displaying my ignorance!

Langkau - her cheekbones only come out after the make up is off. and no la dude he was wearing some dark suit with a black shirt. BUT i heard in his talks in some universities he wore him jumpsuit -_-