Monday, June 27, 2011

Randomness from another airport

Stardate : Today. Now. The very here and now the words tumble from my mind to these fingers.

Place : SIngapore Changi Airport, Terminal One. The public lounge area.

Singapore is a picture of utopian, clinical precision. Malaysia will never be this. Cincai dont work in this city state.

The dude in the coffee bean just in front of me has a bread crumb or flake the size of a hobbit's foot on his left lip. How can't he feel it? its distracting. I mean its flapping there as he chews his croissant. Come man, lick it, flick it off....

A young mother and her baby walk pasts and she's bored. She checks me out because I'm cute yet grumpy. She wonders what mysteries lie behind my hazelnut brown eyes. I need coffee.....

I have booked a trip to Bali at the endo of July. ANother attempt to climb the Agung volcano. Expect more accounts of pain and stupidity from me soon. Another bout of stupidity has seen me sign up for Kilimanjaro in October.

I think I may be developing female tendencies - i realized that i have about 15 pairs of shoes at home - mainly its for differing sports but still - 15. only gay men reach this stratospheric footwear ownership. wait let me break it up - i each for football and futsal, two hiking boots, 3 trail running shoes (WTF...), one Timberland, and about 7 pairs of Nikes which about 4 were sponsored. Oh and one pair of shoes for official work. Am I gay yet?

I've finished Fables to TP 15 - Willingham's losing momentum. Reminds me of Gaiman whose now just a reteller of his old tales but a great marketeer nontheless and only claim Sandman as his his peak.

I should get back to writing. Hope the blank space in my mind is not due to my sudden addiction to Bubble Paradise on facebook.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lovina, North Bali

An old post on Lovina town in Bali for The Baggins as you're too lazy to search for it. The original post was done sometime mid 2008.

It was beautiful. The glorious early morning sun peeked over the mountains in the East and bathed the ocean in gold. We had set out to see the dolphins at 6am and sure enough there they were, frolicking in the ocean, leaping out spectacularly to the delight of tourists and grizzled fishermen alike. We sighed, laughed and cheered at nature's children who reached out to us playfully and made us feel one with the ocean and the world.

One dolphin with a "I Heart Vader" tattoo swam up to me and passed me an ice cold Heineken. "I hope you are having a good time Mr. Chindy and please don't hesitate to call me if you may need other beer", it said, as it winked at me and swam back to it's brethren.

Yep, that's what happened. Really. Seriously. Cross my heart and ......


Brochures are misleading. That's why I don't believe anything I read. Instead of the mental image of happy dolphins swimming tamely around the boats what we had was a flotilla of outrigger dug out boats CHASING the poor buggers all across the ocean. After an hour of criss crossing the bay we finally saw dolphins in the distance and all the boats rushed over to them. It was like a hunting party and no one likes to be hunted. No observing from a respectful distance, the moonlighting fishermen would gun their engines and speed towards them every time a group was spotted. It was about an hour in the sea before we spotted them and the chasing went on for another 30 minutes. We actually ended up in the town of Singarajah after we decided to call it a day. After a while I just said to myself "Fuk it to hell and just enjoy the ride". I was sitting in front and the spray was all over me as the little boat bounced across the waves as our fisherman guide tried to give us paying dumb ass tourists the best photo op of the elusive mammals.

The only why to truly enjoy this "experience" is to get high on some weed, down a couple of cold Bintang beers, strap yourself in with like minded clowns and set forth into the ocean with a CD of The Best of Culture Club blaring over water proof speakers. Maybe then the dolphins might swim up for a morning chat...

We actually saw a whale. For about 5 seconds before it disappeared under the ocean. No time for a picture but it was huge and black ( factor in the sun in my eyes). Guess it counts for something...

The floating restaurants at Pantai Penimbangan in the town of Singahraja. It's about 15 minutes before Lovina. Great place for lunch. We stopped here for lunch before going on to Lovina.

We left the town of Amed in the early morning and drove along the northern coastal road till we reached Lovina Beach. The scenery along the way was like a spaghetti western with a dry and parched country side with valiant efforts of farmers trying to grow their crops in the dry season. Large rivers and canals were stone dry and dust was in the air. The drive from Amed to Lovina took about 3 hours as we stopped at some stalls along the road that had nice views of the Pacific Ocean.

One of 2 mermaids at Pantai Penimbangan. I thought she looked kind of sweet. Yeah, too long in the mountain and statues were starting to turn me on.....

Having a late tea/early dinner as the sun set.

The beaches at Lovina do not look particularly inviting as besides the black volcanic sand, it's dirty. Not so much from garbage but from the deposits from the ocean. As Lovina is closer to straits of Java it sees a lot more gunk from the ocean such as leaves, shrubs, broken corals, pieces of bark, etc. and it's all washed onto the beaches. It really isn't very inviting. Most of the folks like to snorkel but from what I saw snorkeling in Amed would be a lot better. There is nothing really much about Lovina and everything hinges on the dolphin viewing excursions. The town is larger than Amed so does not have that quaint small town feel to it and the beaches leave a lot to be desired.

My only clear shot of the dolphins.

Eating Hall in Bunyalit Cottages.

Chindy Gets A Man Massage.

I was in all sorts of pain from the Batur and caldera hikes when I reached Lovina. I asked Pak Nyoman, my driver, to recommend a good local massage therapist who would sort out my aching thighs, knees and back. We hit Lovina and he got a relative of his to call someone to come over to my room to sort me out.

The room was OK so I switched on the sports channel, had a ice cold Coke and sat back, expecting a kindly 'mak cik' to come in with some exotic oils and to massage my pains away. After a while i heard a knock on the door, opened it and in front of me stood a cross between an Orc and a Navy SEAL.

"Pak Kuhan?" asked the stocky chap in front of me.

"Oh fuck, this is gonna hurt..."

So the bottom line was he was a tukang urut urat, a tendon/ligament therapist. NOT a massage therapist. And it hurt. It hurt like a raw arse on fire. He grabbed and pulled and tweaked and kneaded every tendon and ligament with his strong stubby fingers. He pulled my body, contorted it and played my muscles like guitar strings. All the while trying to tell me about the next mountain I should hike somewhere in Java that was beautiful and gorgeous with boyish exuberance.

He grabbed my nose and pinched it HARD. He pincered my earlobes till I HEARD THEM SQUEAK and when he put me in what looked like The Iron Sheikh's Camel Clutch submission hold, I thought this is it, the dude's gonna snap my neck and I'll never fulfill my fantasy of having sex on a conference room table. What happened after that was my whole body went "click" and,


it. was. FANTASTIC. It was like all my cogs were realigned again. I slept like a baby after! The pain on my legs was 90% gone by the next day so it was cool.

I highly recommend being man massaged. Really.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brain Blocked

Its been a week and its another week where i am totally uninspired to fill this blog with words either bitchy, grumpy or moronic.

I am now in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and work is packing up. Cross Roads beckon. Time of change looms ahead.

I've been ignoring the latest trade paperback of the Fable's comic series and basically ignored all reading material where engagement of creativity and fantasy are required. The Mind of Me is now now caught in the reality that what's real isn't what's right. This is the world of today. I can get paid good money to agree with men of money. all I will be doing is just ignoring the good and oversee a downward spiral. But as a good friend of mine just couselled me - "its their money". I've been paid before just to agree with these men of money. I resigned after a month as it was wrong and they would lose money and one dude would at least lose his job. I was a consultant then. Since then i've found out that its easier to just agree with these men of power and try to sort out the mess later.

Agreement doesn't mean acceptance of course.

Do the right thing and sleep like a baby?

Or suck corporate Big Money's Balls and rise up ladders with the Big Boys?


Monday, June 6, 2011

The Obedient Wives Club? WTF?

Who are these people? How come they are not shamed into throwing themselves onto sharpened spears and to be eaten alive by ravenous musang?

"to teach a woman to satisfy a man better than a Grade A prostitue?" just to build a better relationship? (For those of you travelling or out of the coutry like me go HERE for the 'entertainment')

We've got Ibrahim Ali and that Bung feller taking the country into a bad episode of Benny Hill and now this.

Now if we really are to convince the world that we're equal opportunity facilitators of nurturing relationships, someone needs to start up the Sexathor School of Loving for Men - just so's the women folk get enjoy the feeling of being satisfied by a Grade A male hooker.

Its the least we can do...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sisik - Eating Faces

Well this was a new discovery. I've been eating this dish the past few times i was in the Philippines. I normally get in at about 1130am at Clark Field airport and have meetings in Manila almost within that 2 hours it needs to make that drive. I normally stop along the way at Ramon's along the highway for a quick lunch.

I normally get the Sisik dish as it tasted not bad and it went well with rice. Only on Monday did I find out that the Sisik dish is actually made up of diced and finely chopped parts of a pigs face. I just though it was a slightly weirdly tasting pork dish on a hot plate.

Now the question is knowing that would most non Filipinos order that? I wouldnt mind, its a little salty but its cooked with vinegar and oyster sauce ( i think) and its great with beer although it does tend to be a tad oily.

Cooked any other way i wouldnt want to eat the face of a dead pig though.