Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spider Senses and Disturbances in the Force

Dear Sir,

I hope you are well since I thanked you for your last warning (well last warning i HEARD) to me. Allow me a short introduction in my note to you.


A gut feeling, hair standing on end, a gentle voice in the recesses of your mind all some unexplained fact that does act as our internal alarm systems which we hardly pay heed to. Maybe we're hard wired to the planet's quick heartbeat, maybe THERE IS a Force, that surrounds us, permeates us and allows us to to feel 6 years old anytime we hold a plastic light saber in our hands.

Every once in a while I am reminded by incidences that I MUST listen to internal warnings but its always something that we brush aside - it can be anything from taking a car to drive out on a rainy night to even accepting/not accepting a job offer at the Playboy Mansion.

Last December on my trip to Sarawak, there were two incidences that highlighted to me that i better pay more attention to my inner Jedi.

The picture above seems pleasant enough. That section is along the road that leads out of Miri town to the top of a hill that overlooks the countryside. Bored in the little town i had taken a walk up that hill. As the road was busy this welcome stretch of green,well cropped grass seemed to siren song me to move over to its safety and away from the impatient drivers on the little narrow road.

As i stepped on the grass, there seemed to me a buzzing in my head and i seemed to have one of those baaaaaad feelings hitting my train of thought. It was a lovely day, i took out my camera and took the photo that you see up there and continued walking. I really wasn't paying much attention when just a ahead about 20 feet in front of me i saw a long shadow slowly starting to glide towards the brush on my left. As the distinctive head came up briefly i realised that if that cobra had continued sunning itself, my path would have taken me directly across its position.

About 6 days later, when we were on the final leg of the Ba Kalalan to Bario trail, some where after Pa Lungan, just after a swampy crossing and i found myself ahead of the group, I was trying to navigate around some tangle of weeds, vines, branches and shrubs that had fallen near the path, the untidy carnage as a result of a broken branch from a tree. With my pack and weary from the long trek i clumsily tried to pick my way through the heap, my trailing leg got caught on a vine and as i stumbled I tried to kick my foot free. Suddenly warning signs went off in my head but it was too late, my foot trashed out but something made me stop, just at that moment the green snake slithered right in front of me into the jungle on my right. It was somewhere on the vine or near the ground where i had kicked up a fuss with my booted foot.

This did it, i waited for it to move into the jungle and waited till i was sure it was away. I checked around the brush around me to make sure there were no more surprises. In a distance I saw Stephen and Tina appear and I carried on walking. No point panicking the rest as the Greens are harmless and it would not be coming back to the path after my noisy presence.

But this did it, 2 incidences with snakes in less than a week. Twice i dint listen to the inner warning bells.

Can you imagine if we all were more in tune with our Jedi/Spider senses? Or even maybe those were the voices of our guardian angels which all little kids have but who leave us when we grow older and start pandering to our yearnings for porn and booze(what, is that the story that only my mum told me?). Maybe my guardian angel still hangs around as i AM mentally in a state of immaturity.


Dear Sir,...

To my guardian angel, to my inner conscience, to my spider and Jedi senses i would like to apologize for not listening to you. In good faith and good sense you've whispered to me, cajoled me, warned me and encouraged me but only to be greeted with the 'blur like sotong' demeanour of a moron.

I thank you for the unheeded warnings :

1. When I jumped out of that raft in Port Dickson fully knowing i could only swim as well as a pregnant camel (yes i heard you then but i was too young to know better)

2. When i drove out to the doctor in the pouring rain when i was 19 with a burning fever and did not wait just that extra 2 seconds at that corner. Yes, thank goodness that biker only grazed the car and he did not press charges (good to be a state athlete eh sir?)

3. Buying that transvestite at that bar a beer.

4. Attempting to drive home and Not staying over at that friend's place when the absinthe was taking effect

5. Following those morons into that triad owned bar in Mongkok, Hong Kong.

I won't promise that I will now be the epitome of sensitivity to your warnings but I will make an effort to take that extra second or two to pause for thought. Yes sir, I do now accept that a second can make a difference in life.

Yours sincerely,



BellaBanana said...

didn't know this jedi quite the drama macha... ;P

eh,now you made me ponder on 1 thing..

~~~~~~((ponder bubble floating above my head))~~~~~~

"why oni snakes wannnnn?"

Chindiana said...

Bellasssss, snakes only on that trip la. you've forgotten undercover transvestites, undercover deep ocean hiding under the guise of shallow water, etc etc.

I also left out that there's always warnings whenever i am near that Langkau feller and bottles of whisky!