Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adios Macho. RIP,

Macho Man Randy Savage passed on. When I read that i thought it was the start of 2011's annual death train for retired wrestlers who every year kick the bucket as their past of steroid abuse and other excesses catch up with them. (excluding Edge's retirement from injury)

Later reading reports it was clarified that he died as a result from injuries from a car accident BUT further reading hinted it was at least reported from one source he suffered a heart attack while driving. Not confirmed though. The heart attacks are the revenge bitch of all those pill popping stimulants these monsters consumed daily.

Anyway, Macho annoyed me as a character until the Lovely Miss Elizabeth started hanging around him as his manager. Later the whole drama with Hogan ran it's course and Macho started to grow on me as a flashy motherfucker who was also a tough SOB (not a baddass SOB like Austin).

I have an old Macho King action figure from the old Habro days hanging in my study - old toys from favourite characters - Macho, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, that idiot Warrior (hey i was young back in the day), even Brutus the Barber and the Undertaker. A child's playthings that keep the manufactured innocence of bulked up characters long after they've passed on because of those very substances that grew them to super hero proportions.

RIP Macho. Hope you and Miss Elizabeth find each other in that 'rasslin arena in the sky.

More from a news report HERE.


langkau said...

He mati already kah? Ooh...definitely a colorful character. My best memories of him is his long feud with Tito Santana for the WWF Intercontinental title, where they had rematch after rematch (I think 3-4 rematches)...Tito Santana lost at the end due to Macho Man's dirty tricks.

BellaBanana said...

barbie not WWE too..? ;P

R.I.P Macho Man, you'll get plenty of FREE steroids up there with no heart to be attacked upon...

Chindiana said...

Yeah man Langkau. Dude's gone. Every year la one by the one the old skool guys are biting dust.

AH yes Bella - good point eh but i doubt they allow steroids past the Pearly Gates.

ghoul said...

Dang, was just watching the Hollywood Story on Hulk Hogan 2 days ago... and now one of his big rivals is dead.

A colourful character, truly. ;)

At least Hitman Hart still going strong, haha.

But then again, the current crop of wrestlers are an embarrassment to the vets... i think a few of them might be turning in their graves right about now.

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Chindiana said...

yes you're spot on! Cena? Randy wathisface..... . oh well it was not going to last forever anyway. they're so desperate they had to bring back Austin and the Rock for Wrestlemania.