Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tanjung Sepat, Selangor

Tanjung Sepat is one of those old rustic villages along Malaysia's trunk roads. Bored, last Sunday I took a drive out to find it. Well not really find it, I sort of knew where it was having passed it years ago when i was on the coastal road from Banting to Bagan Lalang in Sepang. It's just simply a great way to spend a slow Sunday afternoon/evening.

Tg Sepat is essentially a Chinese fishing village - things here are miles away from KL life. A Chinese dude mans the petrol pumps, stray dogs with overused teats stare at you from the side of the roads, old uncles sit under large trees staring out to sea or watching the tv set that someone kindly set up there. I did not have time to wander the whole stretch of the town and will prob take a drive there soon just to explore again. Any volunteers who want to ride shotgun?

There are a few jetties leading out to the ocean, some Chinese temples which look cool and little shops selling sea based preserved produce and snacks - keropok, fish paste, etc. Along the way you'll probably be approached by some elderly ladies selling home made 'pau'.

It's a quaint little place and the wind is cool (probably because of the season). The view of the ocean is lovely as the slender little jetty seems to stretch out to the straits of Malacca, morphing from a solid concrete band to a rickety wooden structure the futher you walk into the ocean. (I will get more pictures of this)

You have to top off the trip with dinner and cold beers at one of the restaurants there. We hit the Ocen Restaurant (nope, no typo there) and the food is great. I actually took the staff there yesterday just to eat some more and so far I can vouch for the deep fried siakap fish, kai lan with salted fish (damn fresh vegs), mantis prawns with salted egg yolk, curry squid, tofu soup, and the 'ochian' with egg of a hot plate. And they have Heineken! Served old skool style with ice in small glasses if you so please.

You'll see a whole bunch of fishermen on the jetty when you get there and it does get busy. Tg Sepat is getting a bit of fame from the promotions from the Selangor state government and you'll now see shutterbugs with their DSLRs pointing at every fisherman, old building, pier and muddy beach.

You dont swim in the waters - its too muddy and its its full of gunk anyway as evidenced by the rubbish on the beach but its great little place to just chill out.

Bella who was co-driver soaking her digits in the Straits of Malacca

With a stomach full of good food and ice cold beers we turn to head back to PJ. A clear full moon lights up the dying embers of dusk as fishermen and young families head home for thei night. One of those perfect little moments.

Getting There : I think its about 80 odd km from PJ. You can reach it either from the KESAS highway (turn off at Banting and look for signs that take you to Morib, Sepang Gold Coast and Bagan Lalang). Tanjung Sepat is in between the towns of Bagan Lalang and Morib.

You can also reach it from KLIA - head towards Nilai town, when you see the F1 circuit on your right, turn right at the next traffic light (also look for signs that say Sepang Gold Coast or Bagan Lalang. Tg Sepat is about 15 to 20 minutes from Bagan Lalang.

It takes an average 90 minutes from either way if you leave from Petaling Jaya. The road may seem endless but if you love the rustic countryside than you'll be all good. The Sepang route will take you through endless palm oil estates and coconut tree fields and even smaller towns like Sungei Pelek etc. After dinner keep some Tupac or Rob Zombie to keep you awake as night driving in these small towns is a challenge - bad or no lighting on narrow roads will need you to be alert.

A map is HERE .


ah lim said...

fish looks good

Chindiana said...

yep and it freshnessesss ah lim! sorta near your place too maybe an hour depending on traffic.

Josie said...

i wanch to goooooooooo

Chindiana said...

Josie next sunday? we leave at 4pm sharp?

Josie said...

lemme get back to you on that. might be heading back to the land of sea breeze and salted fish.

Chindiana said...

ah ok. anyway will be going with a friend or two.let me know la.

ghoul said...

we want some halal dishes, too, chindy!! :)

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Chindiana said...

eh that one halal la ghoul! seafood ma..