Thursday, April 7, 2011

Save the Cop Campaign on Twitter and FB

I'm in indonesia and my friends told me about the online campaign to save the job of young paramilitary cop Norman Kamaru above who was boogeying to a Hindi song from a Shah Rukh Khan movie. His superiors are not too happy as the young lad was fooling around on duty and while in uniform. But if YouTube exposed his happy go lucky tom foolery it looks like a Twitter and Facebook campaign saved his skin. Almost 50,000 folks signed on on FB page to support Norman and the YouTube clip was watched over 6 million times by more than 740,000 unique visitors.

Norman's superiors decided to let him off with a strict sentence of getting him to publicly perform in front of about 200 police officers. This world is a-changing eh folks where a virtual community can save a career of a young police officer across oceans and lands withouth uttering a single audible word. Just a tap of a keyboard is good enough.

The clip is a little long if you dont enjoy Hindi songs (whats wrong with you?) but good for a chuckle and who doesn't love a good old Hindi song eh?

Go HERE here for an Indonesian news article.

Go HERE for the FB page

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