Thursday, March 10, 2011

In search of..... Hobbits

Sometimes I do favors for friends. I do these things. I oblige especially when i think its a cool thing to try out anyway and I will leave with a richer experience.

I am now in Manila.

The evil FON motherlover asked me to find the legendary Hobbit House. Because of some huge citywide convention I am in a hotel on the infamous Burgos street. Old FONster had asked me to take a photo of the place with a midget holding up a sign with his name. Even Bella asks me for the same thing when she found out my mission for the day. The FON also wanted a t-shirt if possible.

My conversation with the concierge:

"Excuse me, do you know this bar called the Hobbit House?"

"The WHAT sir?"

"The HOBBIT HOUSE. All the waiters are midgets. I think the bar tenders are too".

"aaaahhhhhh......... midgets?"

"yes midgets"

"ummm... there are midgets around.. but......"

"nono i MEAN the BAR is sort of RUN BY MIDGETS. Its famous."

"But sir there are many bars on this street. Many pretty girls."

"nononono.... DUDE I want to find the Hobbit House only. The one with the midgets!"

"............................................ , uuhhhhh........ but... sir, why do you like midgets? This street all the girls are REALLY VERY PRETTY".

mother fuck............ -_-

I went down the street looking in futility. I came back quickly to check online (which i should have done earlier and find out that the Hobbit House is further than i thought i was). BUT i do get funny looks from the concierge, door security and that nice lady at the cafe. Damn these hotel staff like to gossip. Now they think I am a Frodo fucker.

fuk man. Is it ME? how the fuck do I get into these things?????????

FON? You're a curse man.


langkau said...

"Frodo fucker"?! ahahahahahaha...*uhuk* *uhuk", that just made my day *wipe tears*...hahahaha...

The Fon said...

The Fon is pleased with your progress despite giving you such a 'tall' order. Anyway The Fon shall leave you with a quote for the day to help you on your quest. "Those who search for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow will most certainly be fucked up the ass by a leprechaun", godspeed brother!

Bedhouin said...

When you do find it, make sure you stand on tip toe. Wouldn't want someone coming up to you and asking you for a "photo-with-a-midget-so-my-friends-can-see-what-an-ass-I-am". Muahahahahahaha!!

Chindiana said...

Glad to be of service Langkau... -_-

The FON is pleased eh? godspeed to insanity more likely you walking catastrophe!

WTF Bedhouin??? do you and the FON work together? and thanks for your 'support'

BellaBanana said...

frodo fucker..????

so did you get it...?
were they taller than me..?
did they have big feet..?

most importantly..

Ashley Liew said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I seldom lol with all caps on but this is some exceptional shiz.

Damn I should've read this before you told me that you're heading out in search of hobbits. I'm not the only one thinking you want to roll in the hay with Dumbledore.

Chindiana said...

Bella the little people were professional and upstanding citizens. The hotness came in the bars that I had to follow my Pinoy friends to for making me take them to old Manila for a visit to Hobbiton.

Ash, its Gandalf. Same actor different hat. Jagan main main with the Fellowship...

BellaBanana said... serious waaann...
Chindiana, The Midget Protector Jedi, chill la cha'...


did you get it...?
were they taller than me..?
did they have big feet..? ;P

Ashley Liew said...

Dumbledore la, you dumb. Wikipedia will not lie to us human folks!!

Chindiana said...

Not serious ler Bella, just standing up for Hobbit rights. And no they're not taller than u but your feet are a tad larger!

Wa Ash, calling people dumb eh? Eh we talking bout hobbits la. U wrong movie rerence la and Ian McKellan played both wizards in potter and lotr movies. Wiki is fed by humans la, of course it can lie.

Ashley Liew said...

hahaha, my bad. stupid trilogies

Chindiana said...

haha its OK - i send you some geek pills for future use :P

J said...

Luckily u have a gf now already. If a story like this spread for sure you will EPIC jatuh market value.

Chindiana said...

J!!! Lama tak jumpa! where you been travelling to? WIth our without a gf folks already think I'm sorta a freak .... well an accidental freak anyway :P

J said...

LOL. Well, even if thats the case, at least now you are somebody's freak. :)

Anyway, I haven't been travelling as much as u lah. But see lah when u get back - let's catch up over some minums?

Chindiana said...

Sounds good! this week i have a day trip to BKK on thurs but other than that am okeissssss. Will texts you after i am sure of my schedule for this week!