Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breakfast In The Airport Again...

The bag is packed and I'm ready to go. I still hate coverting Ringgit to Dong. RM250 is worth1.2gazillion Dong.. I am not particularly smart and under pressure i doubt i will be able to figure out exactly how much I will be paying for that communist propoganda poster (if i can find it).

Hippies from Europe crowd the only cafe in the LCCT. Weird. ALso i think my shoes are cleaner that their hair. So nice to rasta along life. There's rempit rock playing on the radio which is distracting. Makes me want to grab and old bike, do the Superman and sweep a drug addled 17 year old off her feet in front of that old Motorola factory.

Last month Malaysian security started implementing lap top searches or at least asking folks to take laptops out. At least 3 years after singapore started implementing the rule. But as usual its doing things for the sake of it. On the last trip i noticed no one was stationed before the scanning mission to ensure everyone took out their laptops and phones like they do in most of europe, singapore and thailand.

THis morning i was bored so i didnt bother to take my lap top out and sent it throught the scanner. Typical. I walked through without a problem, the bored officer not seeming to take offence at my laptop snuggled cosily with my boxers.

Siigh. Malaysia boleh. The land of copycats. Doing for the sake of doing but not knowing the who, what and whys. The same people who wish to build a nuclear reactor when all government projects go to a cousin's brothers second aunty's third nipple's butt cheek's cousin.

Anyone one want anything from 'Nam? Reasonbale requests please. And no, i wont look for those landmines FON.


The Fon said...

What about already blown up landmine converted to an ashtray?

Love and Hugs

The Fon

Chindiana said...

you already asked me that the last time la kotek... Also NO... oh wait that request was when i went to Cambodia. Well, STILL NO... -_-

DrBig said...

second aunty's third nipple's butt cheek's cousin.


Chindiana said...

Always happy to cheer up doctors in the morning doc...

(chewie is that you)