Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breakfast In The Airport Again...

The bag is packed and I'm ready to go. I still hate coverting Ringgit to Dong. RM250 is worth1.2gazillion Dong.. I am not particularly smart and under pressure i doubt i will be able to figure out exactly how much I will be paying for that communist propoganda poster (if i can find it).

Hippies from Europe crowd the only cafe in the LCCT. Weird. ALso i think my shoes are cleaner that their hair. So nice to rasta along life. There's rempit rock playing on the radio which is distracting. Makes me want to grab and old bike, do the Superman and sweep a drug addled 17 year old off her feet in front of that old Motorola factory.

Last month Malaysian security started implementing lap top searches or at least asking folks to take laptops out. At least 3 years after singapore started implementing the rule. But as usual its doing things for the sake of it. On the last trip i noticed no one was stationed before the scanning mission to ensure everyone took out their laptops and phones like they do in most of europe, singapore and thailand.

THis morning i was bored so i didnt bother to take my lap top out and sent it throught the scanner. Typical. I walked through without a problem, the bored officer not seeming to take offence at my laptop snuggled cosily with my boxers.

Siigh. Malaysia boleh. The land of copycats. Doing for the sake of doing but not knowing the who, what and whys. The same people who wish to build a nuclear reactor when all government projects go to a cousin's brothers second aunty's third nipple's butt cheek's cousin.

Anyone one want anything from 'Nam? Reasonbale requests please. And no, i wont look for those landmines FON.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The FON said....

UPDATED : 6.40pm, 30th March 2011. - See point 10.

..."write how kind I am, how good i am with kids and how kind and loving I am to all humankind."

"you hear that? listen." , I said.

" wot?"

"yes, its my balls. They are laughing fuker."

"HAHAHAHAHA" comes back the evil msn message on my lap top screen.

Its hilarious, the FON attempting to get back into society by seeking human compassion after years of mind fucking innocents into committing acts of insanity. THAT is why my balls were breaking out in fits of testicular giggling.

This post is about some of the type of friends i keep. Freaks. And what better reason than the most disturbed individual of all, The FON short for The Force of Nature. Yes, we forgot to add evil. make that Evil Mother Lover FOrce Of Nature.

The FON acts as truly a force of nature not knowing right from wrong, acting on a collective will of all evil thoughts in this world. We wont speak of his past when he came down from Penang where every man stores his money in his mattress and a romantic date is a trip out to that nasi kandar place along Burma Road. A young idealistic innocent who somehow along the way warped into an evil laughing menace to society.

This post also serves as a warning to you all who might chance across the FON in your daily lives in this city by giving you a list of incidences involving the FON that highlights why if you see him coming down the street, you run in the opposite direction like a mad motherfrodo in heat.

It also shows that i am a sucker for pain as he's also my friend.

Let me begin:


The attempts of the FON to set me up with women when i just got to know him (early days, no warning of what was to come)

1. Introducing me to a hot colleague in a bar. "follow me" he says. With beers in hand we walk up to this attractive Chinese girl at the bar. He taps her on the back. She turns, smiles and greets him.

"UUGGGGH!" he grunts and motions her to me.

"UUGGGH!" he grunts and motions me to her.

and. walks. away.

We stand there hot girl and me, in a crowded bar, staring bewildered at each other.


2. The FON has a blind date. He meets up with me, Loony and Loony Jr at a dodgy bar with some GROs and a very cute half German Half Chinese girl who was part timing there while she studied. The FON soon after goes for his date.
BUT he turns up within 30 minutes WITH HIS BLIND DATE at this dodgy bar filled with skimpily dressed women! We can see that he REALLY is trying to impres his date. THe fallout from this is:

- the FON ends up dating the cute waitress for a few weeks. After week 3 she shaves her head bald, packs her bags and leaves for Phuket to build homes with her bare hands to help those affected by the Phuket tsunami

- He dates the blind date girl for about 6 months. It doesn't last long but they remain friends. She even introduces him and me to her future husband and constantly tries to find hi girlfriends. I think its sweet. BUT have no idea why the future husband which i met only once keeps calling me for tea. He always says he's in the neighborhood. I am not home much so i keep declining. One day he catches me on at the right time. I am near he says wanna go for coffee? OK gimme ten minutes thinking he's a way off. He turns up at my place in 2 minutes flat! Over coffee, he seems mellow making things uncomfortable. I am trying to excuse myself but it seems he has something to say. Suddenly he looks at me "do you know Chindy, i was supposed to get married today."


"yes she broke it off last month"

I text the FON - "wtf did you do??? i am sitting with this stalker clown whom i met once and he's telling me shit! what did you do to that women's head?"

the reply text only reads "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! farneeeeeee!"


3. We go to an event launch together. I am chatting up a cute girl. I buy her drinks. we're laughing, flirting and all the rights signs are in the air. The FON walks up nonchalantly, looks at the girl "hey I am the editor of FHM, would you like to be on my cover?"

I lose her attention of course. He chats with her while i walk off pissed. exactly 3 minutes later he comes back and says "lets blow this place, it sucks. AND you're too good for her Chindy baby."

4. another set up date - The FON sets me up with i find out later with a woman who fancies him. She brings along a date for him and two other girls. Morning Papers comes along for the ride. FON sees that the date for him is not his type and switches off leaving Morning and me having to make uncomfortable conversations wit 4 women we do not know. The FON's only contribution in the entire two hours, while he concentrates hard on the TV screen behind us is "Fuck man Heiki should be faster this round". At least Morning Papers got an offer to go to Genting with one of the girls who also bought him a nice shirt.

5. Another one of FON's exes just recently became a lesbian.

6. He set me up with a woman whose sole thing in common with me was "she likes Guinness". That is after 8 pints of Guinness. EACH.

7. Sets me on on a blind date without telling me and then tells everyone else at the table to not speak to me and the date - his version of giving us alone time -_-

8. Gives 2 bricks to a colleague as a Christmas present all beautifully wrapped up. The poor unknowing girl carries the heavy load back to Sri Kembangan, taking two buses from PJ. Of course there is hell to pay on Christmas day when she unwraps it in front of her family. To make matter worse, by some Chinese tradition her Mum doesn't allow her to throw it away as its a gift from someone! talk about hating life and the FON.

9. Setting up phony accounts of hot women and flirting and luring a poor unsuspecting colleague to a Muslim house on Chinese New Year day (carrying mandarin oranges) looking for a hot Chinese girl called Chloe.

10. The FON books supposedly the 'presidential suite' at Laban Rata on Kinabalu Mountain. He backs out the last minute with some vague excuse leaving me to scale the granite giant alone with a guide. I am puzzled why my guide is fearful to take up my offer to take FON's bed and I take the room alone. I assume he thinks I am gay and will ravage him at night. I had problems showering and taking a shit in that huge concrete toilet as its seems colder than the air outside. Just last year as some of you know i find out that that room is the de facto morgue of the mountain where the bodies of unfortunate climbers are stored before they are taken down the mountain. Yes, i spend a night in a morgue in a room that the FON booked and backed out of. Motherfrodo...

So there you go. Fair warning. The FON lives and as time passes more flock to his side. We are those who stand in his way to create an evil empire that will turn straight women gay, care free women into nuns and monks (bald) and send pure hearts searching for lost causes.

You have been warned.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Just this last Monday in Singapore, on the MRT train from Changi to the city i had a MOMENT. A sudden surge of self reflection of my inner interpretation of life.

As the doors opened at one of the stops, the lady in front of who was seating in the Priority Seats, got up as she beckoned to someone behind me to take her seat. A young pregnant mother smiled gently and took her place. She had a simple face, a little shy, very quiet and dressed in what would probably be her day job as a promoter in a pharmacy or retail outlet.

You could sense an aura of fragility around this gentle woman but her quiet dignity gave her a sense of nobleness.

Then as the train silently sped up to the next stop i can't keep thinking how noble it is to carry an unborn child with such dignity. make that carry a child period. A mother to be is a fragile, precious vessel to untold futures. That they carry these dreams with unwavering stolidity and passion and again i say dignity is something we miss in this time of unwavering pursuits of eternal wealth and unfulfilled dreams. That child is special of course, but a mother completes this universe and provides that kryptonite chain between the present and the many futures in time.

Fuck, I hope I'm not menopausing early.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Of Hobbits, Streets of Sin and ABC by a Beach

So I finally found it. The legendary Hobbit House in Manila on the day the tsunami and 8.9 Richter scaled earthquake hit Sendai, Japan.

I feel vindicated, only because I had to get it out of my system especially since I now had been misrepresented as a midget molestor at my hotel. I was expecting a rowdy, riotous atmosphere - i will be honest, I was expecting a packed bar, a rock band on stage, midgets dancing on tables and basically what a scene from a pub in the Shire would look like (minus the rock band).

What I found was a quiet little backpacker bar with great acoustic performances. You know you got a versatile singer when she actually sang my request for Bob Marley's 'Waiting in Vain'. The little people who act as doormen and waiters are quietly dignified and thus i was reluctant to get them to pose with signs to the FON proclaiming him to be an Evil MOFO. Plus it was too dark for my BB camera.

Its a great little salute the the Lord of The Rings legacy with pictures and images adorning the walls from the decades of printed literature saluting Tolkien's grand work. Even the entrance was inspired by Bilbo Baggin's home's round door (it swings inwards).

What can i say - the San Mig Lights are about RM5 bucks a bottle (about USD1.50) and check this out you guzzlers - they serve over 200 beers from all over the world! Now that's what I'm talking about people!

All in all in was a quick hour as my Pinoy buddies felt a little weird as they had never been there but they did start rocking when the band started singing our requested songs (we have good tastes).

For more info go HERE
The Hobbit House is located at:
1212 ARQUIZA TRADE CENTER Marcelo H. del Pilar
Manila 1000, Philippines
Phone : 02 521 7604

Streets of Sin and Tales of Survival
On this trip I was staying at the Makati Place Hotel at the infamous Burgos street with its girlie bars with listless gyrating young girls looking to attract the attention of shabby tourists to either buy them commissioned drinks or for a more intimate transaction.

I had walked into one when waiting for my buds to pick me up and at 730pm things were early but the girls were out in force already. I chatted with my waitress and it seemed like it was the standard story - single mums forced to work, giving up their bodies for money. What is different in the Philippines is many of them are either college students or some already graduated. Jobs are hard to come by in the Philippines and hence the huge export of manpower to the rest of the world. Getting jobs in the Philippines itself is supposedly a game of who you know.

After the Hobbit House, we decided to head to one of the upmarket karaoke bars - we had started listening to the news on the earthquake and its devastation and at this point were not sure what tomorrow would bring (cancelled flights, possibly giant waves north east of Philippines, etc. "what better way then to sing a few songs with cold beers and some babes at a time like this?" my Pinoy buds suggested. Who am I to say NO eh?

I have to say the women in here were stunning. Anyone of them in Malaysia would pass for a model, singer, pseudo celebrity but here in Manila they were working as hostesses. I chat with one of them - a single mum at 21, she took on this job as she didn't have enough money to go tru college. And this story is repeated thousands of times across the city from what I had gathered from some university professors that i am working with on some programs. Many insist on finishing school and take months or a year to work in clubs, bars, brothels to save enough to finish their courses from good universities.

"But that gives you an edge over the guys then?" I ask - i mean a girl can earn more in a high end bar than they can ever hope for even in an average marketing, admin, job in any company.
"there are bars like this for men too" came her casual reply.

"wtf..." But they cant be as many as with women? She is not sure but she says the boys find other ways to find tuition fees. These are educated kids. And they will do what they need to to survive I guess in a tough world their goal is to get a degree and leave their country for work just so they can send savings back to their family and children. In the meantime their working day starts at 3pm everyday, fighting the Manila traffic to work by buses and jeepneys and finally exhausted walking through the door at home after work in the wee hours of 4-5am after a night of drinking and dancing with strangers.

One of these days I will prob do a more detailed post on this segment of the region that we overlook and some women frown on - these fortunate ones who live in the suburbs of KL and Singapore never knowing hardships of this sort.

Burgos - A pictorial

Burgos at night is a neon streaked street with music wafting into the street from behind heavy curtained entrances as shifty eyed older men sit on bar entrances with older women, way past the age of wearing plunging neck lines and spaghetti straps. In the day its slightly different. I took a walk around while waiting for my airport pickup which was to take me to Clark Airfield for the flight to Kota Kinabaly where Nex waited with lightsabers in hand and offers of noodles from the Place of Lorries.
Could be any old street in the US of A?

I really want to know what happens inside this one.

Home made road cones from food tins.

One of the cafe's along the street opposite the Makati Palace hotel

Financial problems has Bruce Wayne renting out facilites and not being able to afford a decent proof reader.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

I took the 4pm flight from Clark in the Philippines and head to KK for a stopover. Nex fetches me from the airport and updates me on the latest cosplay politics in KK and Semenanjung. WTF man, Cosplay world is as bad as FIFA!

Sunday morning we drive through a lovely cold morning to Tamparuli for a breakfast of the Tuaran noodles. I love these trips. I dont know why, the noodles are ok but maybe its the old charm of Tamparuli town, maybe its the famous fragile bridge over an engorged river, maybe its the faint faint old memory of the folk song about the bridge or maybe even that large hill beside the town where Nex and I always say that the flat top of the hill would be perfect for a home (in my case a bar).

If there ever is a place in this country i would retire to it would be Sabah. The women are HAWT, the beaches and mountains are just two hours apart, the pace still uncorrupted by the dynamics of a strong commercial engine outside of the industry of natural resources. But the politicians are here. Illegal immigrants are being given citizenship like a fire sale every time there is a general or state election. The hand of politics hangs over, claws at, and greedily covets this resource rich state.

What to do la? Idealism wont win this fight. Possibly a secret campaign group of Jedi's, mutants and Stone Cold Steve Austin might do the trick but at the moment they only exists bat the bottom of that 5th jug of Heineken.

We hit an outdoor store near Jesselton Pier - almost all the products at fake (100% fake as they say) but the prices are a bit too high for fakes. I did buy a water proof hiking pants just to test if the fabrics are 100%. Dodgy workmanship can be repaired. Quality fabrics are a diff story. Test run in a month when i try to get up Agung or another mountain. If one drop of water wets my balls there is going to be hell to pay. The earth shall shake, mountains will cry, rivers shall bleed when I seek revenge. Well, at least a refund.

Just before my flight back to KL at 6pm, we head to Tanjung Aru, for our tradition of that sloppy burger by the ocean on Beach 3 of Tanjung Aru. An overcast day brings in cold wins from the South China Sea. Japan is devastated, the Philippines are going ahead with life, a beuatiful young single mother rides a cramped jeepney to work in a baggy t shirt and jeans but when the setting sun transforms manila in a neon city she transforms into a sophisticated beauty in a little black dress, across the Asia Pacific hysterical news and gossip sent some markets down and some folk running for the hills. But on that beach, on that day, as the waves crashed against glistening gold sand, as I ate cold Air Batu Campur on the beach with an old buddy, life, my dear friends, was good.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The End of Human Interaction Pt1004

Already have ranted how some REFUSE to speak over the phone and instead look to communicating indirectly that they are time wasting morons by sms-ing, BBM-ing and Whatsapp-ing me.

A couple of weeks ago one of my junior staff sent me an email seeking urgent clarification for office matter. It was urgent of the utmost urgentestssss. I may have a BBM but i dont really read all emails esp from this person as it has a habit of copying me on every bloody correspondence esp the "noted" even if its an email exchange between It and another party.

Anyway i throw a bitch fit and ask as the best i can without killing it like a worm on a highway why It didnt just call me. "but i emailed you...", It bleated, as if an email sitting around in a 'SENT' box measn a reaffirmation of faith in technologies efforts of delivering effective communication between a flawed species inhabiting this world.

A coupla days ago, i am invited by a friend to her birthday party. Its a bar in someplace i've never been before., where only whispers of mutant 'dim sum' feeding on neighborhood Rottweilers are heard in the scared mutterings of police and postmen alike (yes Pos Malaysia is still in service).

The invite is on FB and i ask back for directions. No reply.

I sms her and ask for directions and get vague directions that seem to lead me to Bantang Berjuntai instead of a bar filled with hot bustiered women. I then say that i will try to get to general area but will call for directions. "no need la, just use GPS" comes the reply.



Why doesn't anyway want to speak anymore?

In the future when Malaysia's nuclear reactor goes FUCK, when there is no electricity and infrastructure to sustain that Ipad, Iphone, Ibollocks, two young boys will meet each other on a devasted landscape of a ruined city of Kajang. Debris whistles past them amid rubble from crumbled buildings. They will stare at each other, desperately trying to remember the lessons taught to them by their parents who in turn learnt the new means of communication in this devasted world from some unknown sources.

THey start communicating, banging their balls to a song of Morse Code, "gd aft, nd fnd food. M OTW hme. tc!"

Call 5 people today folks! Speak to them. Flirt, joke, laugh. just a minute conversation will do. And you better answer when i call...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yeah, I am Easily Amused....

The road leading to Tanjung Aru beach in Kota Kinabalu

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lets NOT Lemming

The Philippines gets tsunami alerts the moment the quake hit Japan. I was with some Pinoys over breakfast in Manila. They greeted the news with nonchalance, called their immediate relatives in the affected areas to move inland and then asked me where we were going for beers later in the evening.

On sunday, mass sms's say that radiation has spread to the Philippines from the nuclear reactor in Japan. Mass BBM messages spread asking me to pray for the Japanese and asked me to send it on. - what the fuck is this shit - these folks dont pray even in normal circumstances. Why would God listen to those with selective prayer practives based on dramatic circumstances?Where's the simple prayer to thank Him for putting a meal in front of you everyday? Yesterday I get SMS, BBM and FB messages saying that I should stay indoors as the rains will be acid and it will burn me and my balls will become impotent.

I guess they mean well but WHY spread shit when its not subtantiated? Look, if the world's going to go boom, what have they done to keep their families safe? If there's nothing we CAN do, lets just go to a bar and have sex, get drunk, watch reruns of Glee or whatever it is that rocks your boat. Getting to the base of the fact will at least allow us some good sense to judge our actions for the day.

If I were to listen to all that crap on the net and mobile phones I would be hunkered down in my apartment, praying to the 1,000 Hindu Gods and Bob Marley (thrown in for good measure) while ordering pizza and secretly praying for the soul of that poor Domino's delivery loser who would be soaked in acid rain. And whose kids would turn out to be zombies. and who would take over Batang Berjuntai and spread across the world and then I would email Carlos and ask him if he could come save me as he's more prepared for a zombie holocaust than i am and that i hope he could help make his way through Europe as the Pacific Ocean was now alive with all manner of off sea mutant sealife of Godzilla size propotions and that we would somehow find a sanctuary in the mountains of the Kelabit highlands that even corrupt politicians fear to thread where Langkau and Nex had set up the last human outpost manned by mutant Jedi dressed up as Japanese schoolgirls!



The reactor core has not been breached. There is radiation leaking but the explosions have not yet affected the core. The royal fuck up is when that happens. Then we all go hit that bar. Of course we learn from Chernobyl and even the Bhopal incidences. Its bad but the actual spread will only hit us in about 5 years to a decade gradual exposure to contaminated food or drinking water turns us into mutant retards. There is no radioactive wave of death on the Philippines (google any local Philippine news agencies, Things are getting scary. Thats true. Reactor 5 and 6 now have tempretures rising. anything can happen. But in the meantime...

...I am going ahead with my meeting with a guest from Japan. I am going to reschedule my doctors meeting. I need to run out and buy some Thai Bhat for my trip to Bangkok on Thursday and then I am going back to the office to finish of replying emails that i have been slacking off lately.

We can send money to Japan but I would say take your time and send it through some respectable agency and not by buying Lady Gaga's 5 dollar band. It's going to take time for the Japanese to get back up but they will. The discpline of that country is steel. They will perservere.

But we know now that this world is volatile. We can't turn things back. Corrupt politics, industrial and corporate greed and the control of a few over many will not allow us a future of a better world. That dream is over. face it. Relive in in your parents old photographs.

For now just stop sending me hysterical correspondences withouth verifying if its serious enough for me to postpone Happy Hour.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunamis and Hobbits....

So a tsunami alert is out. A wall of water is spreading across the oceans from the aftermath of the 8.9 quake in Japan. Its supposed to hit the Philippines early tomorrow morning. Manila is OK but the northern provinces are being evacuated. I am chatting with Cass Dragon in Manado, and North Sulawesi is also on alert. Manado is evacuating now with the town snarled up by heavy traffic of people trying to get to higher ground. Looks like things might get a little hairy here in in and around the Pacific Ocean.

I think I will go out for a beer. Maybe a massage and then on to more beers with midgets at the Hobbit House.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In search of..... Hobbits

Sometimes I do favors for friends. I do these things. I oblige especially when i think its a cool thing to try out anyway and I will leave with a richer experience.

I am now in Manila.

The evil FON motherlover asked me to find the legendary Hobbit House. Because of some huge citywide convention I am in a hotel on the infamous Burgos street. Old FONster had asked me to take a photo of the place with a midget holding up a sign with his name. Even Bella asks me for the same thing when she found out my mission for the day. The FON also wanted a t-shirt if possible.

My conversation with the concierge:

"Excuse me, do you know this bar called the Hobbit House?"

"The WHAT sir?"

"The HOBBIT HOUSE. All the waiters are midgets. I think the bar tenders are too".

"aaaahhhhhh......... midgets?"

"yes midgets"

"ummm... there are midgets around.. but......"

"nono i MEAN the BAR is sort of RUN BY MIDGETS. Its famous."

"But sir there are many bars on this street. Many pretty girls."

"nononono.... DUDE I want to find the Hobbit House only. The one with the midgets!"

"............................................ , uuhhhhh........ but... sir, why do you like midgets? This street all the girls are REALLY VERY PRETTY".

mother fuck............ -_-

I went down the street looking in futility. I came back quickly to check online (which i should have done earlier and find out that the Hobbit House is further than i thought i was). BUT i do get funny looks from the concierge, door security and that nice lady at the cafe. Damn these hotel staff like to gossip. Now they think I am a Frodo fucker.

fuk man. Is it ME? how the fuck do I get into these things?????????

FON? You're a curse man.

Charles Barkley calls himself a dumbass

There are very few athletes who transcend their greatness on a field of play and become PERSONALITIES. Jordan was god but always came across as a little boring. My top athletes of all time that I would love to have teh tarik with would be Cantona, Mick Foley (yes pro wrestling is a sport in some ways) and Good old "i'm no role model' Sir Charles Barkley. Just enjoying a lighter moment here as i sit in my hotel in Manila, waiting for a meeting to start.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Me when young>>>

Makes me nostalgic.....

You dont have to watch the whole thing. A minute is all you need. Thanks to Acid for this clip>

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travel and See the World Young Man.....

They told me this when i was young, way before I even had hair nestled gently below my arm pits. I Indian priest also told me about 10 years ago that I would work and travel abroad frequently, he even mentioned the US of A. Adventures loomed to me when I was 6 - i was an international man of mystery who would travel to England to look for Enid Blyton and we would fight the Evil Empire (of wait, i was 10) when Vader wanted to use the Magic Faraway Tree as a docking bay for the Death Star. I would then fly to America where my heroine who looked surprisingly like Erin Gray would help me blast away Storm Troopers in a hail of fire and laser beams.

At 15 I yearned to travel and write stories of adventures, inspired by Biggles, Ernest Hemmingway and that Hardy Boy ripoff series about two brothers who travelled the world saving animals.

At 22 with a job in Nike I travelled but instead of postings abroad I was more than happy to stay days, weekends, weeks from Hong Kong to Portland. I saved and scrapped for that one month holiday to Nepal. ANd the momentum gained. Travel has been part of my life but never ever was i close to ever getting a job abroad. I did not have the paper qualifications (make that a degree) to ever qualify for a multinational company and so I remained contented in weekly excursion across borders.

Now with 2 extra years tagged onto 40 i get an offer to move abroad. But its me so it's not New York or London or Hong Kong.

Its Jakarta.

Where some of the sexiest women in South East Asia reside.


Also I would need to oversee a Singapore office which details are not too clear.

So with age now catching up with me and the wanderlust somewhat satiated after more than two decades of travelling, I am actually quite content to stay in my comfort zone and when you are thinking more about the jakarta traffic instead of the sexiness on display, you just KNOW you're getting old.

However, Jakarta is close to Bali and Bali has beaches and mountains and cheap beers. That bar by the beach will happen folks. Even if ITS JUST a wooden plank and a roof. This is a promise I make to you all. And drinks will be on the house for all of you when it happens. Except Langkau of course. Your quota is 3 jugs for the first night.

I believe the next year will see me put the foundations of where I will live out my old age. I think anyway. Beaches call me. Corporate politics suck the sweat off my balls on a daily basis and simplicity does not bring along high blood pressure and cholesterol along for the ride.

Beach, babes and beers. What else to want eh?

wait, did i digress somewhat?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wassup with this?

Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and now someone wakes up one of the original outlaws, ol' Muammar in Libya. Popular uprisings? REALLY? With such coordination and an obvious concentrated and coordinated force of will?

Who could it be? The Illuminatti? Mossad? Amway?

What would they gain? Higher fuel prices? meaning higher everything? Does this mean my morning nasi lemak is going to cost more? Does this mean imported underwear will cost the same as a pair of 501s? A 100 dollar jug of beer?

Does this mean if Gadaffi and his ilke don't sort themselves out and take extended leaves of absences to placate these justice seeking rabble, i have to be content with just many mugs is a jug...... FOUR mugs of beer only during happy hours?

Damn you Illuminatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! Damn you Amwaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Yo Mossad, sssuppp homes......