Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Folks Gonna Get Hurt Real Bad

I must maintain that the women folk in general are just a lot smarter and are imbued with more common sense than the Y follk. BUT somehow as the balance of nature must be maintained I have come to the conclusion that there is a rogue gene in minds of the ladies that somehow creates strange and fantastical thoughts in their minds eg, love comes in the form of a white knight who will treat them like daddy did, to survive a tropical trek in extreme conditions one MUST have color coordinated gear including boots and parkas and caps, can gloves and termal underwear, getting their lefts and rights confused and up to yesterday this gem will go into the list:

I am having drinks with 3 ladies. They are discussing a trekking trip to Bhutan which I was keen on following. A bit of the conversation below :

Lady: " Its OK, we do 3 days in Bhutan and then we do another 4 days in Nepal. It will be so cool!

Chindiana : "wait a minute, isnt 3 days in Butan too short? With travelling time you probably have only one day."

Lady B : "its OK we can go through the mountains straight away then come down in a day."

Chindiana : -_-

Lady A : "Why are you looking like that?"

Chindiana : "I dont know about you but I'm not that fit ladies"

Lady B : "Why not? You think it will be tough?"

Lady A : " Aiya, shouls be OK wan la, if you can shop for 8 hours in Midvalley this is not a problem!"

Chindiana : "wtf............ . You SERIOUS?:"

Lady A : " Ya lor! Somemore 8 hours in high heels man!"

Yes they are serious. They've never hiked before. They've never been up a mountain. Their reference point IS ACTUALLY comparing to shopping in an air cond mall. Lady C was quiet as all she wants in Bhutan is to meet the prince who is supposedly the most eligable bachelor in the world. I have excuse myself from the trip which they plan to make in May.

Lady A owns her own employment agency which has offices in Malaysia, Nepal and Thailand. Lady B is one of the most succesful sales directors in the magazine industry, Lady C runs her own consultancy but in May they're all gonna be hurtin' real bad.....


Anis said...

This is hilarious!! Yes, do avoid them if you value your sanity. And yes, it's me :)

Nex said...

You should sell this to a network and get the whole trip documented using secret cameras and turn it into one of those 'worse case scenario' shows...

Chindiana said...

OMG! Its the Blogger Formerly Known As Han Solo! Welcomes! I see you got a new blog too! no wonder Blurry hasn't been updated for so long!

HMMMM Nexo, NOW you've got me thinking..... . I just have this fear if I DO go along I might end up doing something that might get me into an asylum or in prison!

J said...

They'll just have to find out the hard way I guess. :)

(BTW> I take offense. We are not all crazy ok?)

Chindiana said...

Haha dont offense la J, we just playin only! :D

ghoul said...

I already panting like mad climbing Broga... *ashamed*

:( ;( :(

word verification: congort

p.s. happy chap goh meh, Chindy :)

Chindiana said...

Ghoulo! you're back!

Happy chap go mei too dude!

langkau said...

Obviously you've never been shopping on high heels for 8 hours! I tell you, man, it makes climbing and jungle hiking looks easy.