Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Dawn, New Day

Picture taken from my cab just a while back.

Just uploaded this picture sitting here at the Starbucks at the LCCT terminal. It's great starting a day to a spectacular explosion of a golden sunrise when you need to fly off to another country for the same old, same old. Temporary as they are, a good sunrise can put things in perspective dont they? like good sex or orang asli durian (that some say is better than sex).

Peekz said that I am better this year and that the temper seems to be in check as I have not thrown my phone at anyone for the past two months. A good start eh?

I need a payment to go through. Not so much the money but a statement that things are moving along and that my principles have some weight and positive outcome in the overall cosmic equation.

This doesn't mean I am going the way of a fuzzy Care Bear.

I still aim to call a spade a spade and any petty asshole a petty asshole motherfuker.


langkau said...

Statement: Your principles have some weight and positive outcome in the overall comic equation...er...I mean, cosmic.

p.s. - try waking up a grizzly bear while it's hibernating and see if rainbow-colored hearts come out from its chest to shower you with love. somehow, the Care Bare producers must have got their metaphors all wrong... :-)

Chindiana said...

comic eh? -_-

think I'll jst stick to stuffed teddy bears than live grizzly bears Langkau. At least I know the meaning of the word 'pleasant' !

ah lim said...

eh you throw your phone at ppl before ar? Cool!

Chindiana said...

i just throw the phone. not my fault if someone's standing in the way...