Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning Flusterations before Ho Chi Minh

Date: Now

Place: My apartment

Situation: Preparing for flight to Vietnam

Sometimes when i have too much time before a flight, i tend to take it easy at home. Chilling, eating a leisurely breakfast, reading the papers, and sometimes blowing bubbles, just to see them float out my balcony. Trust me blowing bubbles is VERY therapeutic and no, i haven't turned gay just yet.

Sometimes after the bubble blowing escapades i forget to seal the bottle with the soapy liquid properly.

SOMETIMES the bottle tips over when i'm grabbing by passport to pack.

SOMETIMES i happen to place my foreign currency next to my wallet which is close to my bottle of bubbly fun.

NOW with half an hour to kill before my cab arrives I have a fistfull of soapy Dong in my hands.



ah lim said...

Where in the world to get those bubbles nowadays?

J said...

Soapy dong? Sounds.... erm... nvm.

(Hope you have a good trip!)

BellaButterNuts said...

i love bubbles too!!!!

below are things you can do with those soapy wet dongs:
1.blow 'em - see bubbles come out or not
2.use it as wet wipes, now u can say you use money to wipe ur ass..bring you up to a whole new level.
3.haven't thought of 3 yet...

hv fun in HCM..

Chindiana said...

Ah Lim! In all fine toy stores of course. I bring some to your hardware shop and we fill up the place with the stuff ya?

Haha! thanks J! (yes you're wise not to ask more :)

Bella! wah creative-nye! never woulda thought of using them as super premium wet wipes. Imagine if it were British pounds and folks would mistake me for P Diddy.

Jun-E said...


Chindiana said...


BellaButterNuts said...

P Diddy uh..?
can u rap onot first..?

Chindiana said...

Nope i can't rap but its OK, neither can Diddy.... wahahaha