Monday, February 21, 2011

A Manila Weekend

Dinner at the Cantina Mexican restaurant opposite Anteneo University. The closest to an American Uni expereince I've ever had. Packed to the brim with the brightest YOUNG folk, strumming on guitars, singing, cam whore-ing and San Mig Lights. Malaysian Universities in comparison are something like an elephant graveyard. Or some house that smells of old people (damn, should I tempt fate, I'm a few decades away from a life of adult diapers and using viagra just to hold my pants up).

If you're ever there order up the Tower. Pork Ribs, nachos, tortillas and everthing Mexican except for Salma Hayek Gyrating on your lap with nothing on her but a white python around her bobos. It feeds up to 8 hungry manly men which it did. My TV and marketing crew, Gus and myself were too full and satisfied to even oggle the young nubiles on parade. Yes the food was that fulfilling.

The Philippines is as close to small town Americana as possible with the lasting impressions of the US Navy and Air Force bases long abandoned in Clark and Subic. Signages, fast food outlets, names of business could be tired carbon copies of rural life in the US of A.

The education system is one of the best I've see but then with more bright sparks graduating than professional jobs available it's sad when you walk into bars across the region and see Filipino graduates serving you beers and being paid to chat you up to buy more drinks. (they are of course not as mercenary as the China Dolls or Fanny and Apple from Puchong and Nipple and Vagina from Hong Kong).

Philipines has not hit exploiting the tourism potential yet - the volcanoes, the beaches and islands are yet to open the eyes of the world to this untapped destination. I so far have offers to climb Pinatubo, visit Palawan island and of course if some women with hot bikini bods wish to ravage me like wild lionesses in heat are up for it, i also have an offer to hit the seaside paradise of Boracay (please email for further information. Those of you with boy friends larger and hairier than me need not apply).

Getting out of Clark Airport (yes I flew AirAsia) I still dont get it why that guy who mans the security scanner into the departure hall keeps hinting for me to give him my small change. Almost the entire group ignore him. We've been getting his shtick for the past year already but obviously it must work on some travellers or else he woulda given up a long time ago. Thats another thing about the Philippines, they've got to be able to reign in some dodgy elements who might put off foreign investments and long term tourism if they can catch up with the rest of the region.

Another new place for holiday destinations. So many places to see. So little time..


J said...


Chindiana said...

You can never have enough of BBB J! havent seen your application yet!

J said...

You have seen me in person in casual and office clothes before lah. Just use your imagination loh. :P


ANYWAY, I don't know what the perks are of being a BBB. Good or not? What kind of insurance/ EPF/ dental plan included?

Chindiana said...

Perks? Why free sun block and endless supply of tequila shots of course! hahaha! (that negates the need for insurance!)

J said...

HELLO. A girl can't survive on sunblock and tequila alone, ok?
(Sure die wan)

Chindiana said...

Really? darn no wonder I cant seem to get viable candidates! hahaha