Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off On Another Jet Plane

This time around I'll be flying on a full service carrier, Emirates to London. It's been so long almost two years since I've been served food on an airline without being charged for it. Now THAT's shows the growing influence of low cost carriers in our region.

I hate these flights. 14 hours plus, excluding a couple of hours transit in Dubai. At least I know where they serve cheap briani rice at Dubai international (food court on the first floor somewhere above the duty free stores).

It's a 5 day trip with meetings in London and Manchester with a night flight out on Sunday. It's freezing in blighty now. Must remember to pack ear muffs for the privates.

I even forgot it's a public holiday tommorrow. Happy Thaipusam folks. Dont get too drunk tonight.


J said...

wow. 14 hours x2 for just a 5 day trip? Why not extend a few days lah?

Anyway, have a good time in the UK! Keep warm n don't get too drunk at the pubs there. :P

Chindiana said...

J! this is nothing. I once spent only 18 hours in london! before the jet lag could hit me i was already on the plane home!