Monday, February 7, 2011

London Manchester

London dawn from my hotel room at Picadilly

Just some random pictures from the London and Manchester trip a coupla weeks ago. Just some random points:

1. English food tastes like Marmite flavored cardboard (yes i have mentioned this many times before)

2. The Chinese food however is most excellent if you know where to go in both London and Manchester.

3. Next to the person who created hipster jeans and midriff tops I now salute the designers who created the skin tight jeans tucked into knee high CFM boots.

4. There's the same amount of fashion stores catering to men as much as to women. Seemingly English men dont shop in factory outlets like me....

5. It's funny how fast Asians can pick up and stick to an English accent - even if they just spent two weeks visiting their cousin in Burmingham and they come back sounding like James Bond.

6. Lilly Whites in London man - best sports store around ! Cheaper than Manchester too in some areas.
Old Trafford fills up before the Birmingham game. View from a VIP box

Turned out quite a good experience. After meetings in London we took the train to Manchester to catch a game. Sometimes, just sometimes things work out pleasantly. Because of some members of our travelling party were VIPs we get picked up by limos at the train station and are shuttled to the Lowry hotel, Manchester's best hotel. We are limo-ed over to Old Traffrod where we are surprised with a luncheon hosted in a corporate box over looking the stadium with the game against Birmingham. I am not a supporter of the club but I have to admit I do respect their professionalism and marketing savvy. It's a different world altogether from the way Asian companies do business.

I need these things. The world is getting smaller and these projects give me a rush. Sometimes working in Malaysia frustrates the crap out of me with the petty backstabbing and small minded psyche of some locals, some of whom hold positions of power that are abused with wanton disregard for the big picture. Who wouldnt want to say a day at the office means a meeeting in London, a press conference in Manila and a contract negotiation in Rio? What a life eh? :)

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