Thursday, January 20, 2011

London Time

Been up since 4am. Not from jet lag but from a drunken group on the street outside my hotel. Where in Malaysia the average drunken behavior involves belting out Sinatra in a kaorake with Apple and Vagina, here's the primal screaming and shouting as they stumble drunkenly along main street roads.

At least in KL folks still attempt to drive themselves back if they can get past the occasional police road blocks.

It's nice to fly full service after almost two years on budget carriers. They actually serve more free meals on board than i would care for. They have movies, some as new as 3 months ago. They have radio and song lists that i can chose from Eminemen to Ella Fitzgerald.

I share space at 40,000 ft with Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Middle Easterners, Chinese, English, Australians, Japanese, Koreans and a coupla of Americans just coming from the conversations I hear from the departure lounge to my seat. A reminder that countries on maps and television sets have people that you can touch and feel. And in some cases get overwhelm you with too much cheap cologne.

I have to say British Immigration is the most efficient and we get through fast. It can be a little intimidating if you dont speak English as some folks from India and the middle east are grilled loudly by the stern officers who wield their rubber stamps like flaming swords of vengeance. No dodgy wankers in Blighty. But they let in El Hadji Diouf in all his football spitting glory.

Its not as cold as I thought it was and I hope the weather keeps. Lucky we're near Chinatown. English food is close and experience to dining on Marmite covered cardboard. Except for some good bangers and mash and Guinness of course.

OK, heading for a breakfast meeting. Yipee, cardboard, Marmite and coffee here i come...


LCB said...

Yo! I'm in London too... Been here since last week. I'm flying off on Sunday... Doubt we can meet up as I'm near the Arsenal side of town for The Global Chance. Text me if u get this, I might be able to catch you on Sunday :)

Chindiana said...

LCBsssss! what are the chances!!! just for that we need to get at least one pint of beer!. I'll call you later in afternoon.