Monday, January 10, 2011

Chracter building vs Cold Effiency

I am planning on the company trip this year. Its a good thing to have a small team. This pretty much leaves us quite flexible and our costs are pretty taken care of by some supportive shareholders and sponsors.

Last year we hit Bali but this year I thought of taking a whole new spin. The team already travels regionally quite often and I thought of taking them to Bario. Many of my staff are either young or have not really been out of the city. I want to expose them to experiences of hardships others go through, life outside the city, social consciencesness, and to push (just a little) their physical capabilities a little. I want them to to realize just what their bodies can take or how much further they can go when pushed against a wall. I also want to offer them peace and solitude. Some time for reflection and time away from emails and beeping mobile phones.

I've taken a poll among the team. I have given options of course. Bali is on the list. The women will vote Bali. The younger boys seem keen on an adventure and so are some of my Indonesian staff. The Hong Kong dude is probably going to go with the girls as I assume he's got the Chinese Girl Syndrome too although i suspect he used to have triad links in his younger days.

I don't aim to take them for the whole Ba Kalalan to Bario trek. Just fly in to Bario and take them possibly to Pa Lungan and then just chill with Stephen in Bario (IF the votes come in for Bario)


Peekz is my right hand. We've been through so much shit in the past and I could not have done many things without her. El is the quiet reliable and coldly efficient rock in the office. They both however suffer from the Chinese Girl Syndrome. Meaning they can't get touched by the sun. They turn into diamonds AND are allergic to bugs, sweat and any physical exertions.

Peekz is a simple organism. She works for money and she does it damn well. She learns fast and takes over faster. And she can lead. There was when things were tough and I was apologizing to her about the rough times. She just mentioned casually that don't worry I just have to remember to give her a fat raise when I could and then she engaged the S foils and blew up the Death Star.

Now... I know what she will say:

"Tell me boss, how the fuck is me sweating like a pig, killing myself climbing up a steep mountain, feeding mosquitoes and leeches going to make me a better staff?"

I wouldn't be able to answer that really. She's that darn good already. I am just anticipating the conversation. She will do whatever it takes and sacrifice a lot to get work done. That goes for most of my team.

How much attempted outside influenced character building can one accept?

I realize that in my many trips of discovery, it has made me more socially aware, more appreciative of what I have and fulfilled my inner curiosity about the world around me. Can I say it's made me a better employee or a member of the work force. I can't really vouch for that myself.

Work ethic is what you bring to the table from your inner psyche, not from the mountain you climbed or that carpet of stars you slept under a few weeks ago. That probably just brings out your inner hippie and make you yearn for a simpler life.

Folks like Peekz have simpler tastes. Show me the money, dont fuck with me and I'll pay you back with my professional work. Then I'll go back and feed my baby and sell my husband's vintage Gen 1 Transformers to pay for her milk formula.

Would it be better to be just that?

Anyway, worse comes to worse I'll execute executive order and change company TRIP to company TRAINING and throw in a Powerpoint presentation somewhere in the jungle...


Nex said...

Oooohhh...I ish wanna tag along if the hike happens...I'll pay for my own way of course...

And I promise no geek talk or embarrassing stories about you to your staff. Scout's honour!

Chindiana said...

Eh Nex, what happened to your group you were putting together?

Nex said...

What? I can't go twice? XD

The trip with my 'team' happens when/if it happens. In the meantime I'll go if there's an existing group :)

Chindiana said...

Haha can la! but our trip will only be short one - bario to pa lungan and back.

Nex said...

I'll take whatever I can get...not getting enough jungle time despite being where I am...ironic much? :/